Will of William Robinson

Submitted by Errin Clark Cain & Verna Bice.

Marshall County Will Book I, Page 50
Date of will: 9 Aug 1841
Recorded: 1842
Probated: 1842

In the name of God Amen. I WILLIAM ROBINSON of Marshall County and the state of Virginia being weak in body but perfectly sound in mind and memory, Knowing that is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the following form and manner (viz) I allow my body to be buried in decent Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors, and touching the wordly Estate where with it pleased the Lord to bless me. I bequeath it to my heirs in the following manner.
In the first place I allow my Executors to collect all money coming to me (by book account, note bond) or otherwise as soon as it becomes due. I also allow said Executors to pay all just debts and demands against me out of my debts and personal property which they may collect and turn into money.
Secondly I allow my daughter SARAH to have and to hold the South end of my farm from the road Southward joining lands of THOMAS BROWN, Carmichle HUBBS and others be the same more or less with all the heseditran (hereditaments???) and appurtainances there unto belonging.
Thirdly I allow to my son JOHN ROBINSON one hundred dollars from the proceeds of the balance of my estate for a horse I got from him. I do further allow my daughter SARAH all my household furniture (except my clock) beds bedstead and likewise her choice of my cows, my horse and horse gears and other farming utensils. also to my granddaughter ELIZABETH who lives with me. I allow one two-year old heifer which she now claims.
Fourthly - I allow my Executors to sell the remainder of my estate, both real and personal and out of the first of the proceeds thereof to fence in the grave yard on my farm with locust posts and oak rails in a substantial and decent manner. The balance of the proceeds of the sale I allow my Executors to divide equally among the following person(viz) my old son JAMES ROBINSON my old daughter MARTHA FRANCIS, my second daughter MARGARETT KNOX, my second son JOHN ROBINSON, my third daughter SARAH ROBINSON. My third son SAMUEL ROBINSON. My fourth daughter MARY WILLIAMS my granddaughter ELIZABETH who lives with me, likewise to ESTHER and MARY JANE ROBINSON daughters of the late WILLIAM ROBINSON junior dec'd (deceased) . I allow one share to be equally divided between them to be paid to them when they come of age and if one or both of these children die before they come of age I allow their shares or share to be divided among my other legatees but if only one should die I allow the remaining sister to only have her own half share. I further allow the share of ESTHER and MARY JANE ROBINSON to be held by my Executors for safe keeping and without interest to such time as they either die or come of age.
I now revoke and dissolves???(dissavow??) all former wills and testaments that ever I have made and acknowledge this to be my last will & testament in presence of these witnesses signed sealed and delivered this sixth day of August A. D., Eighteen hundred and forty one 1841
William X Robinson (seal) Test
Benjamin Harvey
George L. Lowdenslager

PS I also desire JOHN ROBINSON and JOHN MOORE to act as my Executors and in case on should not serve the other may choose an assistant. Schedule, I also allow the two fields? between GEORGE LOUDENSLAGER's and the road not specified in said LOUDENSLAGER lease to fall in to my daughter SARAH at my decease to be held by her to the expiration of said lease.


MARSHALL County Court.
March Term 1842
A writing purporting to be the last will and testament of WILLIAM ROBINSON was this day produced in court and thereupon the following proof was offered in support of said will to witt. BENJAMIN HARRY being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he was present at the time the testator made his mark to the signature and that he witnessed the same at the request of the testator. And that said testator was of sound and disposing mind and memory at the time. GEORGE LOUDENSLAGER the other subscribing witness duly sworn