Will of John Rosenberger

Submitted by Joyce Post.

Will Book 1-A  pg. 214 and 215 Marshall County  will dated 7-24-1840.

In the name of God, Amen.

I, John Rosenberger of Marshall County and State of Virginia, being now
in good health of body, and perfectly sound in mind and memory, knowing
that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this
my last will and testament in the following form and _____.  viz. I do
now commence my soul to God who gave it _____ my body to the dust to be
burried in decent Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors.
And as to ____ the worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleases the Lord
to bless me.  I bequeath the same to my heirs in the following manner.
In the first place I allow to each of my five children by my first wife,
two dollars if ___ year from my decease.  Secondly, I allow to my wife's
son, Robert Gilesby the just and full sum of two hundred dollars if he
stays with me to he be of age.

Thirdly, I bequeath the remainder of my real estate and personal property
to be inherited by my wife and daughter Barberry E. Rosenbarger jointly
so long as they are both unmarried, but as soon as either of them get
married I allow my wife to have my cloak, and a cow and a horse creature
and a bed and bedding of clothes and the third of the produce of my land
and sawmill lumber.  And after my wife's death, I allow my daughter
Barberry to inherit all that her mother had this with all my other
property I leave to her and her heirs, or afsigus (?) in case she has
no heirs.   I likewise request John B. Taylor and Robert Marshal to be
Executors of this my last will and testament in confirmation of which
I set to my hand and seal this twenty fourth day of July A.D. 1840.
							John Rosenberger
    John Moore
    Joseph Loudenslager

Marshall County Court, November Five 1856
The last will and testament of John Rosenberger was proved according
to law by the oaths of John Moore and Joseph Loudenslager, the
subscribing witnesses ____ and is ordered to be recorded.  And John
B. Taylor and Robert Marshall, the Executors names in said Will appears
in Court, & _____ the Executorship _____And on the motion of Robert G.
Rosenberger who made oath according to law, and with John B. Taylor
his sunty (?), who qualified to his suffering, entered into and
acknowledges a bond in the penalty of $500, payable & conditional as
the law directs, certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of
administration on the said John Rosenberger's Estate, with his will
annexed in due form.
						A copy

					E. M. Caldwell, Clk