Will of Reason Rine

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In the name of God amen. Whereas life is uncertain, and I am feeble of health, but of right mind, I REASON RINE OF Franklin District in Marshall County, West Va. do hereby make this my last will and testament that is I will devise and bequeath to my wife ELIZABETH during her natural life time all of my real estate.

To wit: lands on Long Run in said Dist. of Franklin in said County of Marshall adjoining lands of Henry Miller, S. M. Gatts, S. Barnhart and others, also my interest in the estate HENRY RINE deceased, in order to aid her in taking care of my children, with understanding that any debts must first be paid Also I will and bequeath to my wife ELIZABETH three cows, two horses, and gray colt, one Inv(?) pigs and about five head of hogs for meat and all household goods and also all personal property, after legal debts are paid.

It is also my will that at the death of my wife ELIZABETH that my sons VINCENT and HARRY RINE shall have & own all my Real Estate, after paying to my daughters MARY RINE, CIS RINE and CHRISTINA RINE, one hundred dollars ($100.) each.

It is also my will that my wife ELIZABETH act as executor of this will after being duly qualified for said purpose by a competent Court.

Signed and sealed this 11th day of August 1887,

Reason Rine seal

in presence of

Henry Rine William Yoho

West Virginia Clerks Office, Marshall County Court, August 22nd 1887.

A paper writing bearing date on the 11th day of August 1887 proporting to be the last will and testament of Reason Rine late of this County deceased, was this day fully proved before me in my office by the oaths of Henry Rine and William Yoho the subscribing witnesses hereto and is ordered to be recorded & Elizabeth Rine the Executrix herein named took the oath as required by law & who together with Henry Rine her surety who qualified as to his sufficiency entered into & acknowledged their bond in the penal sum of Three hundred ($300.) Dollars, conditioned & payable as the law directs, there upon certificate is grantedthe said Elizabeth Rine for obtaining a probate of said will in due form.

A Copy Teste:

Thomas Finn, Clerk

Stamped on top of page:
See Release Deed Book No.12, Page 307 See Release Deed Book No.12, Page 303