We dedicate this study to the many teachers and school personnel who have given so much of themselves to the youth of this county. This impact is passed from generation to generation.

A builder builded a temple;
     He wrought with care and skill;--
Pillars and groins and arches
      Were fashioned to meet his will;
And men said when they saw its beauty:
      "It shall never know decay.
Great is they skill, O Builder.
      Thy fame shall endure for aye."
A teacher builded a temple;
      She wrought with skill and care;
Forming each pillar with patience,
      Laying each stone with prayer.
None saw the unceasing effort;
      None knew of the marvelous plan;
For the temple the teacher builded
      Was unseen by the eyes of man.
Gone is the builder's temple;--
      Crumbled into the dust,--
Pillar and groin and arches
      Food for consuming rust;
But the temple the teacher builded
      Shall endure while the ages roll;--
For that beautiful, unseen temple
      Was a child's immortal soul.
Author unknown