Appreciation is extended to the following persons for their assistance in the research of this book: Jay Booth, Roscoe Sears, Donald A. Haskins and members of the Marshall County Board of Education Staff, Charles Games, Sam Shaw, Allen Phillippi, Helen and Victor Doman. Many helped in districts where they were most knowledgable, some helping with two or three districts. The effort, time and help they gave was immeasurable. Those persons were: Stanley and Ruth Otte Key, Ivan Gorby, C. R. Knight, Ercel Bane, Hazel and William Hopkins, C. Raymond Woods, Raymond W. Woods, Freda and Chester Howe, Dorothy Travis, Ann Crouch, Dorothy Sedosky, Sullivan Yoho, Elwood Grisell, J. P. Reid, Clarence Mason, Carl McIlvain, Richard Chapman, Mary Ellen Clark, Marvin Bonar, Hattie and Sherman Terrill, Ed Cunningham, Harold Jones, Edna and Mildred Jones, Frances and Arthur Bonar, Margaret Koontz, Mary Frances and Forest Cox, William Archey, Charles and Ralph Eller, Selina Blake, Dorothy and Earl Francis, Floyd Griffith, Harlan McCosh, Ralph Riggs, Anna Hubbs, Brice Kelley, Lottie O'Day, Martha Fair, Harry Ebert, Lynn Perry, Grace Danley and Harold Dombrowski. Those who loaned pictures are given credit elsewhere in the book.

A thank you is also extended to members of the following organizations and staffs who assisted in the research: the Moundsville City-County Library, McMechen City Library, Marshall County Assessors Office, Marshall County Circuit Clerk's Office, Marshall County Commission, Marshall County Chamber of Commerce, Marshall County Retired School Employees, and the Marshall County Historical Society.