The idea for a study of this nature was born at the time of the first Moundsville High School Reunion Weekend in 1975. In talking with C. B. Allman, former Assistant Superintendent of Marshall County schools, we were asked to assist him in locating all the Marshall County schools, past and present, on a county map. Unfortunately, not much progress was made due to his ill health. Then in 1979 we talked with Ernest McNinch, retired Superintendent of Marshall County schools, about the idea. He felt it was a worthwhile project, so with his encouragement we proceeded.

The purpose of this study was to locate the schools, churches and cemeteries while most of them could still be documented. The book is in two parts: I Schools, II Churches and Cemeteries. For each of the nine districts there is a map upon which the school, church or cemetery is located. A disk with a number designates the relative location on the map. The chart will indicate the number, name and location by road map. Available pictures are included.

An honest effort has been made to be as authentic as possible. Written records of many schools and churches were unavailable. Consequently people throughout the county were consulted and numerous excursions were made with residents of the county. Donald A. Haskins, Superintendent of Schools, made old deeds and records available. With the cooperation of his staff and assistance of Charles Games, retired Elementary Supervisor of Schools, these records were researched. Marshall County Court records were searched, old Moundsville and Wheeling newspapers reviewed.

Some schools, churches and cemeteries, over the passage of time, have been known by three or more names. Many buildings and cemeteries have been gone for years. There will be some we have missed and others not exactly correct. Nothing adverse has been intended.

Many people have been involved in research, providing pictures, and making contacts throughout the county. Without the help of Jay Booth and Roscoe Sears this study could not have been completed. Jay was the typist and helped in organizing and proofreading the material, as well as researching the Franklin District. Roscoe has crossed and recrossed each of the nine districts over the last two years -- locating schools, churches, cemeteries, talking with residents and taking pictures. Harold Dombrowski has done a terrific job reproducing dozens of pictures from old faded prints and newspaper pictures. Other acknowledgments and picture credits are found elsewhere in this book.

We make no claim that we have found all of the schools, churches, and cemeteries. Inaccuracies are due to the inability to fully document. This is a summation of research and the contributions of many people. It is our hope that it will be accepted as such.