Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

The area of Sherrard (named in honor of landowner and Congressman Sherrard Clemens), developed as a farming community. Early settlers included John Stupe, Peter Orum, Sr., the McHenrys and the Caldwells.

Sherrard is located nearly midway between Wheeling and Moundsville via the hilltops. It is also midway between Wheeling Creek and Little Grave Creek. Route 88, which bisects Sherrard, developed as the "Wheeling and Fairmont Road", also called Fairmont Pike and Waynesburg Pike (1840). The toll road to the east provided a busy route for cattle drovers to markets, many "way stations" dotting the road. The community, primarily farmland and residential, is not incorporated and does not support a town government. At one time, the dairy business was the main enterprise. Sherrard High School was constructed in 1911; today, students attend the consolidated John Marshall High School. The area does boast a modern junior high school and new elementary school.

Note: The above mentioned Sherrard Clemens is cousin to the well known author, Samuel Clemens (MARK TWAIN).

From the History of Marshall County, 1984.

NOTE FROM PHYLLIS SLATER, descendant of Joseph Tomlinson:
When the mound in Moundsville was opened, they found a stone with writings similar to old Egyption writings...I just called it the Tomlinson stone....But the father of Sherrard Clemens kept it, and apparently thought it should belong to the Indians, so he gave it to them.....They found a couple of bodies when they opened the mound.....So many people have asked me about that stone and I just recently found out that it was taken out to Arizona..Don't know who has it but I'm still looking...

The Honorable Sherrard Clemens was the center of controversy when he engaged in a duel with the son of the governor of Virginia, O. Jennings Wise. Clemens was severly wounded in the duel. He later moved to St. Louis.