Sherrard First Grade Class, 1949.
Teacher: Hilda Gamble

Submitted by H. Paul Garvin.


1st row - On far left is Dickie Vargo. The girl 4th from left is Janice Orum. 5th from left is Lonnie St. Meyers. H. Paul Garvin (in shorts) is 6th. Second from right is Erma Grandstaff.

The tallest boy in the back row is Dick Pelley, and to his left is Bill Ewing. The girl in the back row on the right is Nancy Banister.

The teacher, Hilda Gamble, was a member of the Sherrard High Class of 1933. (H. Paul Garvin's Uncle Don graduated with Miss Gamble.)

Some of these First Grade students may have graduated in the Sherrard High Class of 1961. -- According to "Sherrard, Then & Now," by Lois Yanak Edison, the following students were in that graduation class: Adolph Niedermeyer, Stewart McCreary, Marry Ellen Henderson, Janice Kay Orum, Don Franklin Lude, Nancy Banister, John Bassett, Paula Burdine, William Ewing, Donna Fox, Erma Granstaff, Judy Griffith, William Griffith, George Harker, Mary Lou (Herback) Kedrick, Patricia Henderson, Johnie Hewitt, James Hupp, Thomas Jenkins, Martha Kostelecsky, Christine Marsh, Edna Marsh, Agnes Jean McConnell, Richard Pegg, Glen Richmond, Mildred Ellen Riggs, Linda Suellen Riggs, Sandra Sberna, Charles Standiford, Alonzo St. Myers, Loretta Taylor, Richard Vargo.