Presented by Linda Cunningham Fluharty, Class of 1965.



This yearbook was originally owned by Hilda Jane Gamble, Class of 1933.
She returned to the school as a teacher.






Sherrard West Virginia



Editor in chief - Luella McEntee
Editorial Manager - Fay Brake
Business Manager - A. Neidermyer
Sports Editor - Jack Davis, Eleanor Talbert
Circulation Manager - Roberta Snedeker
Class News - Dorothy Archey
Assembly Programs - H. Scherwinski
Attendance - Wilma Conner
New Pupils - Billy Klages
Art Editor - Gay Brake
Honor Roll - Virginia Wise
Church News - Bernice Schmidt, Mildred Steinman, Hilda Gamble
Typist - Dorothy Orum
Joke Editor - Joe Pelley
What Puts Joy In Life - Evelyn Brinkman, Evelyn Crow
Press Operators - Ted Gamble, Jack Orum, Ralph Grandstaff


     To the class of 1933 congratulations on having reached this mile stone in your education and experience. May this be truly a "Commencement" - a low rung on a ladder of achievement, by which you advance to better and higher estates.
     There is always a feeling of sadness connected with such a time of year, for we feel that it means a cessation of some of the friendship we have enjoyed for years. These friendships have profited us and influenced us in many ways.
     This is the largest class ever to have graduated from Sherrard School. May you have the largest degree of success and happiness. May the individuals who of the class of '33 be satisfied with only the best and scorn all base means of acquiring place or wealth. May you be good winners, good losers, and good sports in the true meaning of the word.

Grantlord Rice

1. - Thou shalt not quit.
2. - Thou shalt not alibi.
3. - Thou shalt not gloat over winning.
4. - Thou shalt not be a rotten loser.
5. - Thou shalt not take unfair advantage.
6. - Thou shalt not ask odds thou art not willing to give.
7. - Thou shalt not always be ready to give thine opponents the shade.
8. - Thou shalt not underestimate an opponent nor overestimate thyself.
9. - Remember that the game is the thing and that he who thinketh otherwise is a slaker and not a true sportsman.
10. - Honor the game thou playest for he who playest the game straight and hard, winneth even when he loseth.

He profits most
          Who serves best.

Eleanor Talbert

     In September 1929, twenty five scared freshies entered the Sherrard High School. School started on that summer day and these poor twenty-five were pushed this way and that, not knowing which way to go.
     The assembly room where they first went was too small after they came in so Mr. Cox was forced to put each class in a different room.
     The freshmen were led into one section of the auditorium where they met each morning, noon and night for a whole year. That same day they were given their books and got fairly well settled for the year.
     The next day was given to choosing class officers. An election was held in which little Blanchard Shepherd was elected president and his brother Kenneth Shepherd vice president. Ruth Cook was secretary and treasurer combined and Mr. Mick was the class adviser.
     It seems they didn't do much this year, but I guess freshmen never get to do much.
     They will always remember one trip which was made possible by their good class advisor and Civics teacher Mr. Mick. The whole crowd of them went in a bus to the State Penitentiary at Moundsville. Now don't get me wrong, for they went there just to make a study of the activitites within these great walls. They saw many interesting things and everyone got out safely.
     While they were there they went to visit the jail, the courthouse and the famous mound. They came back to school and found that none of the other classes had had many classes that day which just goes to show how important those "freshies" really were.
     In the middle of the year there was another election held owing to the president and vice president both leaving the class. In this election Paul Hendershot was made president and Eleanor Talbert vice president. The other officers were the same.
     That is about all they did in the freshman year excepting a few nature hikes which were enjoyed by all but one girl who always broke off a spike heel or ruined her silk hose.
     The next year which was the sophomore year their home room was the Home Economic room. Several of the students did not come back this year.
     As in other years officers were elected and in this class Eleanor Talbert was president and Ruth Cook was vice president, William McCombs secretary and treasurer and Olive McWhorter chairman. Miss Arnett was class adviser. This year the class became more industrious. They were very regular in attendance and were always near the top. One month they had 100% and being the highest in the district they were given a volley ball by the district superintendent Mr. McKinley.
     It was in this year that good old play was given "That's One On Bill". It was a great success and the cast all had a big time putting it on.
     In the Junior year Elverna Miner was president, Gay Brake vice president, Fay Brake secretary and William McCombs treasurer. Miss Carney was the class adviser. This year they gave the play entitled "Love A La Carte". This also was a success.
     One of the boys of the class who was president of the Vocational Agricultural class was sent as a representative of the High School to Charleston to attend a state Vocational Agricultural meeting. Also two of the boys had the honor of being among those chosen from the high school to broadcast over station K.D.K.A. Pittsburgh putting on a Vocational Agricultural program.
     They also chose their class ring in this year which they think is a very pretty one.
     They gave the seniors a banquet which was held in the school auditorium.
     The next year arrives and the class is now 17 in number. It is the good old year of '33 and they are seniors. This year they have been very busy. The president is Ruth Cook, Vice president is Hilda Gamble secretary Olive McWhorter and William McCombs treasurer. Miss Carney is class adviser.
     The first semester they gave the play "The Poor Married Man" but the depression is on and the weather was not much above the zero mark and this play was not quite so successful, but cheer up for there is another play coming.
     On April 28th they gave the annual Senior Play entitled "Aunt Jerushy on the Warpath". The proceeds from this play together with the other money which they had was used to buy and present to the High School a beautiful living room suite and tables. With the remaining money they are going to have a weiner roast.
     The seniors days are filled with preparations for the commencement exercises. They have chosen their commencement invitations and name cards. Elverna Miner had won the right to be valedictorian and Ruth Cook salutatorian. The class is very proud of them both.
     On May 15th the History Club gave the seniors a farewell weiner roasst which was held at the home of Elizabeth Marsh. The seniors appreciated this very much.
     The annual junior-senior banquet was held May 18th, in the school auditorium.
     On Sunday May 21, Rev. Hoffman of the First M. E. Church of Moundsville will preach the Baccalaureate Sermon and the following Thursday evening commencement exercises will be held. The program is to be put on by five students who have been chosen from the class. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian speeches together with speeches by Olive McWhorter, Paul Hendershot and William McCombs will comprise the program.
     The general subject of the program is "The Changing World".
     The whole High School is looking forward to the annual picnic on Friday the 26th, but especially the seniors as this may be the last time they are all together.
     I am sure they are all very sorry to leave the dear old school and will wish to come back and visit if the students and teachers of '34 will permit it.

Oft in the stilly night
E're slumbers chain has bound me,
While memory brings to light
High School days around me.


     As I went down the street the other day I came in contact with a crystal gazer who told me about the following people. The first person he saw in the crystal was a very prosperous farmer who looked very contented, who had several children following him around and who do you think it was? William McCombs.
     The next person was a person who worked very hard for a living in her stuffy little room sewing. It seemed as though she was a dressmaker. It was Eleanor Talbert.
     Now the crystal gazer said if I would give her more money she would tell me more. Since I realized that this was about my classmates I decided to give her more money.
     The person she saw just then was a young looking sheik driving a bus at ease. He looks very handsome, but why not? He never had to work. He was Joseph Pelley.
     The next person that the crystal gazer saw was a tall rather handsome French Teacher. She was very popular at Sherrard High School where she has taught for many years. She is old and cranky but never the less she is still Elverna Miner.
     The next person that appeared was a very successful farmer. He owned a large farm was married having five children. Of course these children helped him with the work. It was Ed Cook.
     There next appeared a woman playing Tennis and Basketball. She isn't married and has lots of money because she has just won a grand prize playing Basketball and has been declared a champion. She received her training while playing at S.H.S. of course it was Wilma Conner.
     The person next in line was a very serious business like man. He was the owner of the Garvin Dairy Farm. He is married and has a large family. He is very cranky because he has lots of worries. It was Paul Hendershot.
     The next person that appeared was a little lady still practicing tap dancing and different stunts, hoping with all her might that she might be skillful enough some day to become an actor. It was Dorothy Orum. Next was a golden haired woman canning in a hot kitchen. She seems very discouraged because she has to work so hard. Her husband is a farmer. This is Hilda Gamble.
     In a little room sat a very large and elderly woman. She had many cats about her and busied herself knitting. It was evident that she was an old maid. This was Luella McEntee.
     Then comes a great business man, owner of a large furniture store has been married three times. Who do you think it was? Jess Ramsom.
     Next is a happy little family of six located in a newly built little house on Pine Hill Road. This of course was Olive McWhorter.
     The next person was the small thin, grey haired wife of a musician. She reads while her husband does the dishes etc. She seems to be very happy in spite of the luck. It was Fay Brake.
     Next comes a broken hearted girl. She has been married twice and now her husband has no work. She sews and cooks for people to make a living. It was Mary Calmbacher.
     The next person was a quiet business girl. She has the job of print(ing?) signs for the big stores in Wheeling. She is about old enough to retire. It was Gay Brake.
     The next and last was a waitress, youthful looking - Kay Calmbacher.


Estella Burns - Robbing the cradle.
Jewel Miner - Harry Brinkman
Mabel Burns - Trying Fritz out.
Elsie Baker - Being left out.
Virginia Wilson - Inviting Dale to the weiner roast.
Ted Gamble - Lucile Barthel
Sam Orum - Taking Dorothy Archey home from league.
Reed Morris - To bashful to ask anyone to the weiner roast.
Dale Watts - Trying to beat Earl Clark's time.
Bus Crawford - being refused by Lib.
Jenetia Forester - Seeing Dick at a dance.
Jess Ransom - Wanted on the telephone.
Ellsworth Fisher - Selecting a present for "Marge".
Evelyn Myers - Riding in a baby carriage.
Helen Schersinski - Getting rings back from Skeeter.
Gay Brake - Her Pictures.
Elverna Miner - Norman Dobbs.
Wilma Conner - The packard.
Ruby Gorby - Hating everybody.
Geraldine Forester - Learning how to dance.
Raymond Humble - Coming to school to see Adella
Anna Kudlak - "Spikes"
Virginia Wise - Fighting Homer.
Mildred Steinman - Introducing the family.
Jean Gamble - Calling all the florists.
Paul Hendershot - Acting nuts.
Joseph Pelley - Catherine Calumbacher
Edmund Cook - "Blushes"
Mary Calumbacher - Chewing gum
Olive McWhorter - Miss Pine Hill
Ruth Cook - Frowning
Hilda Gamble - Eating the holes out of doughnuts.
Fay Brake - Outdoing Gay.
Eleanor Talbert - Capes.
Catherine Calumbacher - Giggles.
Billy McCombs - Driving the "Kiddie Kar".


     It has been customary in the past years for the graduating class to will such things as will be of no further use to them after commencement to those still in High School giving the Juniors the preference as it customary.
     Olive McWhorter wills her purse often called the "suit case" to Roberta Snedeker. Catherine Calumbacher wills her chewing gum to Dale Watts. It will be parked under her desk waiting for him next year. Paul Hendershot wills his loud speaker to to Sam Orum. Luella McEntee wills her editorship to Dorothy Merinar. Wilma Conner wills her elasticity to Mildred Steinman. William McCombs wills his glasses to Elizabeth Marsh because he has no further need of them. Elverna Miner wills her knowledge of text books to Alvin Neidermyer. Eleanor Talbert wills her tardy marks to Virginia Miller. Jess Ransom wills his night shirts and caps to Byron Crawford because he has no use for them. Gay Brake wills her taffy recipe to Harriett Baker. Joseph Pelley wills his strong pipe to Archey Norman. Fay Brake wills her twin sister to the collection of antiques. Mary Calumbacher wills her desk to Jean Gamble. Dorothy Orum wills the days she took off to sleep to Mary Gamble. Edmund Cook wills his position on the basketball team to Eldred Hendershot. Ruth Cook wills her presidence to Alberta Snedeker. Hilda Gamble wills her ladylikeness to Bernice Shmidt.

Lives of great men remind us,
We could have lived our lives sublime
But we had to work like thunder
To get this paper out on time.


Dorothy Meriner - 9 - 95.75
Ruth Cook - 12 - 95
Elverna Miner - 12 - 95
Bernice Schmidt - 10 - 95
Harriett Baker - 9 - 95
Luella McEntee - 12 - 94.25
Billy Klages - 8 - 94.2-
James Lufft - 8 - 93.75
Elizabeth Marsh - 10 - 93.5
Virginia Miller - 9 - 93.5
Helen Scherwinski - 7 - 93.5
Paul Hendershot - 12 - 93.3
Vera Wilson - 7 - 93
Olive McWhorter - 12 - 92.6
Gay Brake - 12 - 92.5
Lucille Barthek - 10 - 92.25
Reed Morris - 10 - 92.25
Dorothy Archey - 8 - 92.25
Robert Bloomfield - 8 - 92.25
Adella Palkovic - 7 - 92.25
Hilda Gamble - 12 - 92
Fay Brake - 12 - 91.75
Robert Millard - 8 - 91.75
Jewel Miner - 10 - 91.6
Edmund Cook - 12 - 91.25
Mary Gamble - 10 - 91.25
Jack Garvin - 10 - 91.25
Anna Yanak - 9 - 91.25
Ruby Gorby - 8 - 91.25
Dorothy Orum - 12 - 91
Evelyn Myers - 8 - 91
Jack Davis - 8 - 90.05
Virginia Wise - 8 - 90.05
Robert Hogg - 10 - 90.25
Alberta Snedeker - 11 - 90


Evelyn Brinkman - 9 - 89.75
Robert Fisher - 8 - 89.75
Jack Orum - 8 - 89.5
Byron Crawford - 11 - 89.25
Emmet Rogerson - 10 - 89.25
Evelyn Crow - 9 - 89.25
Ellsworth Fisher - 9 - 89.25
Ralph Grandstaff - 8 - 89.25
Wilma Conner - 12- 89
Joseph Pelley - 12 - 89
Roberta Snedeker - 11 - 88.5
Eldred Hendershot - 9 - 88.5
Harold Kauffman - 8 - 88.5
Byron Orum - 8 - 88.5
Glen Morris - 7 - 88.5
William McCombs - 12 - 88
Mildred Steinman - 11 - 87.75
Elsie Baker - 10 - 87.75
Russel Gorby - 7 - 87.75
Homer Tomlinson - 7 - 87.75
Jean Gamble - 11 - 87.6
Mable Burns - 10 - 87.6
Helen Carothers - 10 - 87.6
Jenetia Forester - 8 - 87.5
Alvin Neidermeyer - 11 - 87
Wanda Conner - 8 - 87
Ray Millhouse - 8 - 87



Gay Brake - Ruth Cook - Elverna Miner - Mabel Burns - Elizabeth Marsh - Helen Carothers - Helen Scherwinski - Harriett Baker - Evelyn Crow - Virginia Miller - Donald Garvin - Clyde Plants - Wanda Conner


William McCombs - Alvin Neidermeyer - Edmund Cook - Byron Crawford - Wilma Conner - Luella McEntee - Lucille Barthel - Bernice Schmidt - Robert Hogg - Jack Garvin - Reed Morris - Eldred Hendershot - Fay Brake - Jewel Miner - Ellsworth Fisher - Beulah Conner - Dorothy Merinar - Robert Bloomfield - Jack Davis - Jenetia Forester - Evelyn Myers - Anna Kudlak - Adella Palkovic - Vera Wilson - Clarabelle Carothers - Virginia Wilson - Katherine Bradcovich


The Staff of the School Paper, the Senior Class, and the school at large, express their thanks and appreciation to





Honor Roll

Second Grade.

Ted Miller 94%, Ruth Grub 92%, Jack Marsh 91%

Honorable Mention

Third Grade

H. Scherwinski 88%, Winifred Morris 87%, H. McWhorter 86%, William Megale 86%, Eva Yanak 86%, Lois Kaufman 86%, Margaret Fisher 86%, Billy Maurer 85%

Second Grade

Paul Kudlak 89%, Alberta Millard 88%, Ruth Grub 85%, Eleanor Conner 85%

Honor Roll

Third Grade

Marie Frazier 94%, Robert Remke 93%, Dolores Ray 92%, Mary Markey 92%, Margarite Brosche 92%, Sarah Hughes 92%, Andrew Carljinko 92%, Charles Rogerson 92%, Ivan McCombs 90%, Lalla Burton 90%


Sarah Hughes - Third Grade
Mary Markey - Third Grade


Andrew Carljinko
Carl Grub
Paul Kudlak
Lalla Burton





Honor Roll

Fourth Grade

Eleanor Bidka 96%, Hazel Merinar 93%, Helen Roth 90%

Honorable Mention

Fourth Year

Virginia Behrens 89, M. Grandstaff 89, Pauline Caldwell 88, Francina Frazier 87, Paul Hughes 87, Violet Riebe 86, Kenneth Rogerson 87, Ashel Strober 86, John Clayton 86

Fifth Year

Philip Merinar 88


Paul Hughes, Mary M. Mercer, Pete Kudlak,
Ruby Mercer, Harold Burns, Walter Kudlak


Pauline Caldwell, John Hogg, Mary Ruth Dean, Robert Kalbaugh, Francina Frazier, Calvin Kinneer, Betty Gamble, Philip Merinar, Mary Grandstaff, Robert Wheeler


May You All Have




Mary M. Talbert, Edith Hogg, Bertha Grub,
Frances Dean, Edna Dean, Clifton Wilson


Ray Dean, Edward Hughes, Lorraine Kaufman,
Elbert Orum, Tony Bradcovich, Betty Dellget

Yearly Averages

Alma Orum - 89
Edith Hogg - 89
Marie Morris - 88
Betty Delget - 87
Edna Dean - 86
Gladys Caldwell - 86
Bertha Grub - 85
Bob Baker - 85


To Seventh Grade 21
To Sixth Grade 10



Honor Roll

First Grade

Jean Archey 95, Jaunita Beck 95, Dorothy Hughes 94, Ellsworth Baker 93, Archie Acker 91, Betty Morris 90, Alex Bradcovich 91, Wm. Brosche 90

Second Grade

Claire Wilson 91 (or 92), Ina Strober 91, Robert Renshaw 92

Honorable Mention

1st Grade

Harry Nolte 89, Olive Stephens 89, Helen Gorby 88,
Mary Myers 87, Robert Rogerson 86, Donald Hall 85

2nd Grade

Robert Black 87


Louise Mercer, Archie Acker


Rosemary Kahlbaugh


     Jean Archey made 100% in a spelling test on all words for the year.

     Nancy Davis, Bobbie Acker, Betty Mercer and Lilla Archey visited in our room before the close of school.

     Last September we had 20 on our Underweight list. -- In May we had only four.

     After some history study about our country some good booklets were made by:

Claire Wilson
Dorothy Mae Hughes
Robert Renshaw
Donald Fisher
Jaunita Beck
Archie Acker
Jean Archey
Ina Strober
Helen Gorby
Dennis Hazlett
Olive Stephens




Gay and Fay Brake

     The Brake twins entered the Sherrard High School in the fall of 1929. They were members of the cast of "That's That" in their freshman year. In their Sophomore year they were members of the cast of "Kathleen" and of the S. S. S. Club. In their Junior year they were members of the French club. In their last year they have been members of the History club. Gay is also Art Editor of the "Hill Top Herald".

Mary and Catherine Calumbacher

     Mary and Catherine entered the Sherrard High School in their Junior year. Before this time they attended school in Hintington. They were in the casts of the plays in Junior year of "Love a la Carte" and "Jimmy Be Careful". They were also members of the French club. Due to illness they were unable to attend the greater part of the last semester.

Wilma Conner

     Wilma entered the Sherrard High School in the fall of 1929. She took a great interest in the athletic life of the school and became a champion basketball player. She took part in the play "The Poor Married Man" which was given in the Senior year.

Ruth Cook

     Ruth entered the Sherrard High School in the fall of 1929. She has always had the nickname of "Cookey". She was president of the Senior class. She was in the cast of "That's One On Bill", "Love a la Carte", and the Senior Play "Aunt Jerushy On The War Path".

Edmund Cook

     Edmund entered the Freshman class of 1929 and was one of the timidest boys of the class and has accomplished a good deal during the four years of High School work. He took part in the four plays given by the class. They were: "That's One On Bill", "Love a la Carte", "The Poor Married Man" and "Aunt Jerushy On The War Path". He was on the football team.

Luella McEntee

     Luella entered High School in the fall of 1929. She was very happy to think of the four years ahead of her. She has been very helpful during the Senior year by being Editor in Chief of "The Hilltop Herald". She was in the cast of "The Poor Married Man" and "Aunt Jerushy On The War Path".

Hilda Gamble

     Hilda entered with the rest of the Freshies in the fall of 1929 full of life and vigor. She was most interested in Home Economics. She was in the cast of "The Poor Married Man". She was a member of the Four H, the History club and the S. S. S.

Paul Hendershot

     Paul entered the Sherrard High School with the rest of the Freshmen of his class. He is very talkative and therefore keeps the school entertained with his talk. He has become very much interested in his work in his Senior year. He was a member of the cast in all of the plays that the class gave.

Olive McWhorter

     Olive entered the Freshies class in 1929. She has been a very clever girl while in school. She takes her lessons seriously and worries about them. She is often called "Plantsie" and will graduate with the rest of us Seniors. She is a member of the History club and took part in the plays "That's One On Bill" and "Aunt Jerushy On The War Path".

William McCombs

     William McCombs is known among us as "Billy". He entered the Sherrard High School with the Freshie class of 1929. For three years he has been treasurer. Besides this he has taken part in four plays given during the four years of high school.

Elverna Miner

     Elverna entered Sherrard High School in 1929. She has made the highest scholastic record in the class. We are hoping that someday she will be a high school teacher in Sherrard. She is President of the Dramatic club and took part in several of the plays given by the class.

(We wrote this about Elverna Miner.)

Joseph Pelley

     Joseph Pelley, better known as "Pete", entered Sherrard High School with the rest of his class. He has been very good to the class by taking the part of being chauffer in the business of the class. He has become a member of the Basketball team.

Dorothy Orum

     Dorothy entered the Freshie class of 1929 with the rest of her class. Her Sophmore she went to Wheeling High School. We are glad that she came back to Sherrard High School because she does the typing for the school paper. Her nickname quite naturally is "Dot". She took part in "The Poor Married Man".

Jess Ransom

     Jess has taken a great interest in the class since his entrance in the fall of 1929. He was on the Basketball team for two years. He has often acted as stage manager for the plays given by the school. He is President of the Future Farmers Club.

Eleanor Talbert

     Eleanor entered the class of 1929 with the rest of the Freshies. She is probably the most popular girl of the class. She has become very skilled in sewing since she entered high school. She took one of the Stone and Thomas prizes this year. She took part in several of the plays that were given by the class.

(By Permission)

     The Senior class took a sneak day, Tuesday May 16. On account of the weather's being bad plans were not carried out. The class went to Wheeling in cars. They were furnished by Joseph Pelley, Miss Carney and Alvin Neidermeyer. The first place that we went was to the Imperial Ice Cream Company where they showed us through the factory and when were about to leave they treated us with ice cream. We spent the rest of the day by going to Wheeling Park where we ate our lunch, which was supplied by the different members of the class. After eating lunch we came back to town and went to the theater to "Hello Sister". All the Seniors enjoyed themselves very much. The Seniors are all grateful to Alvin Neidermeyer for the use of his car.






Sunday School - 10:00 A.M.
Worship Service - ?:45 P.M.
Ladies Aide - Next meeting May ?. Meetings held every other Thursday.
Epworth League - 7:45 P.M. Wednesday.

The League is now taking up the study of the New Testament. We have questions on five chapters each night. Anyone interested may come. "Knowing of Gods works brings us to a better understanding of what our life should be, and God's feeling toward us, also of the hardships of His life, as in the present of our lives."


Sunday School - 10:00 A.M.
Morning Worship - 11:00 A.M.
Epworth League - Tuesday evening at 8:00 O'clock.


Alternating Church Service Sunday evening and morning.
Sunday School - 10:00 A.M.
The Friendly Class of Allen Grove Church will meet at the home of Mrs. Z. L. McCleary May 23.


Gay Brake - Shortest
Fay Brake - Dignifiedest
Luella McEntee - Fatest
Olive McWhorter - Skinniest
Ruth Cook - Quietest
Elverna Miner - Smartest
Dorothy Orum - Criest
Mary Calmbacher - Blackest hair
Catherine Calmbacher - Funniest
Wilma Conner - Most Skillful
Eleanor Talbert - Stubbornest
Edmund Cook - Timidest
William McCombs - Bossiest
Paul Hendershot - Talkiest
Jess Ransom - Whole Cheese
Joseph Pelley - Cutest


How often in my dreams, I go back to that day,
When I stood at our garden gate,
And started to school in full array
Well armed with primer (battle) and slate.
And when the latch fell, I felt myself free.
And glorified, I fear, on the sly,
Until I heard a kind voice that whispered to me.
"Be a good boy good bye"

O brother of Mine, in this battle of life,
Whether just starting or nearing the close
That motto aloft in the midst of the strife,
Will conquer whenever it goes.
Mistakes we all make, for each of us errs,
But accomplish your best, whatever occurs.

"Be a good boy good bye".


James C. Cox, Principal

Standard Normal - Glenville State Teachers College.
B. S. Agr. West Virginia University
A. M. West virginia University
Teaching - Vocational Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry

Mr. Merinar

Standard Normal - West Liberty Normal School.
A. B. West Liberty Teachers College
A. M. West Virginia University. (At end of summer)
Teaching - Social Science.

Miss Carney

A. B. 1930 - West Virginia University.
Teaching - English, French

Miss Briemson

A. B. 1931 West Liberty College.
Also - West Virginia University and Fairmont Teachers College
Teaching - Mathmatics, English 7.

Miss Lafferty

B. S. H. E. 1929 West Virginia University.
Ohio University.
Teaching - Home Economics and Social Studies.


     On May the ninth twenty two Home Economic students took a trip into Wheeling. The first place we visited was the Feeny's Candy Company on Main Street. They showed us the whole process of making after dinner mints. When we were planning to leave they gave us candy to take with us.
     Next we went to Dairy Products on Twentieth Street. There they showed us the process through which the milk goes that they deliver on their trucks, from the time it is brought into the dairy until it is put into the bottles.
     Leaving there we went to the McClure Hotel where they were generous enough to show us through their kitchen, dinning room and cofee shop. They also showed us other places of interest. At noon we separated to eat lunch anyplace that we wished.
     We met in front of the McClure Hotel at one o'clock and from there we went to the Imperial Ice Cream Company where they showed us how ice cream is made from the time it is mixed until it packed into cans and put into the place to freeze. They also gave us ice cream. From here we went to the B. & O. depot where we boarded the bus and returned to school.

     The garments that have been made in the Home Economics department the past year as well as various canned fruits and vegetables were on display at open house. Work from every member was exhibited in the cooking laboratory and sewing room.

     The annual Junior Senior Banquet, served by the Ladies Aide of Mt. Olivet Church, was held in the auditorium on Thursday at 6:30. The auditorium was artistically decorated in the Junior and Senior colors. Many varied colord ballons hung from the ceiling from the center of the room, forming a beautiful motif together with many flowing streamers.
     The tables were beautifully decorated in baskets of mixed spring flowers and tall cathedral candles, the color scheme being yellow and green which are the Junior colors. This was carried out through the decorations as well as the banquet itself. Very unique favors in the form of fans as well as the single corsage of a yellow flower was presented to each. The high school orchestra played several numbers. Miss Dorothea Hall played a very beautiful piano solo "Salute Pestharch" by Kowalski. The voice of Arch Clark of Moundsville was highly appreciated by those that heard him. Joe Cox, now a resident of Glen Dale, in his delightful way entertained us with several readings. Virginia Miller in her pleasing manner gave a reading. Short talks were given by Superintendent McKinley, A. C. Meyers, E. K. Merinar and current principal, Mr. Cox.


Fruit Cocktail
Fried Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Southern Baked Corn
Orange Glow Salad
Ice Cream Baskets and Orange Cake


Hilda was the sister of Helen Mae Gamble, the wife of Sherrard coach, Charles F. "Bud" Jones. Hilda Jane and Helen Mae were the daughters of William and Lillian (Remke) Gamble.