Sockman Family Bible

Submitted by Kay L. Mason.

The Sockman Family Bible was purchased at an antique auction in 1985 in Moundsville, WV by Rosaline Kidd Clark from Charleston, WV. The Bible dates from 1816, and, although not in the greatest condition, is still legible. This Sockman Family Bible information was obtained from Pat Clark Jones, daughter of Rosaline Kidd Clark.

(Quoted as written)

Henry & Roda Sockman was maried August 5th 1806

Eliza Buffington was married (incomplete)

Maria Greene was married 6/2/1831

Henry W. Sockman was married september 9th A.D. 1838.

Amanda Melvina Sockman Shepherd was married 26th May A.D. 1839

Henrietta Shepherd was married March the 3 1844

John H. Sockman was married March the 4 1845

Martha Ann Sockman and Hezekih McDowell were married January 27th 1850

Henry Sockman and Mary Hennen were married August the 5th 1854

Henry Sockman was born Sept 27th 1786

Rhoda Sockman was born April 7th 1785

Eliza Sockman was born Dec the 25 1807

Mariah Sockman was born Sept the 17 1809

Catherine Sockman was born March (?) 1812

Amanda Sockman was born June 13th 1814

John H. Sockman was born April 18 1816

Henry W. Sockman was born Sept 17th 1818

Margaret Jane Sockman was born Dec the 15 1820

Martha an Sockman was born February the 20th 1823

Henryetta Sockman was born January 12th 1826

Francis M. Sockman was born April 17th 1828

Warren Sockman was born January 8th 1831

Mary Stine Hennen second wife of H Sockman was born the 26th of March 1808, died 1891

Martha Ann Sockman died 1907

Francis M. Sockman died June the 29th 1828

Margret Jane (?) May 20th 1851

Rhoda Sockman departed this life february the 3 1853


1850 Marshall Co, (W)VA Census, 33rd District, P348
Sockman, Henry a. 64 b. MD
Rhoda a. 65 b. VA
Catherine a. 37 b. VA
Margaret A. a. 30 b. VA
Warren a. 19 b. VA

1860 Marshall Co, (W)VA Census, Adaline and Kausooth Post Office
Sockman, Henry a. 73 b. MD
Mary a. 52 b. PA


Henry W. Sockman married Kanacka (Nacky) Shepherd 11/16/1838 in Marshall Co, VA.

Amanda M. Sockman married John 0. Shepherd 5/26/1839 in Marshall Co, VA.

Henrietta Sockman married Bazaleel Shepherd 3/3/1844 in Marshall Co, VA.

John H. Sockman married ____.

Martha Ann Sockman married Hezekiah McDowell in Marshall Co, VA

Warren Sockman married Hannah Murphy 3/16/1856 in Marshall Co, VA

No information was found on Eliza or Hannah; no spouses found in Marshall county for Catherine or Margaret Jane.