Skelton R. Lydick's School Classes - 1894, 1908 & 1910

Submitted by Susan Nye.

S. R. Lydick School Class

Teacher S. R. Lydick's First School Class, 1894; location unknown.

The teacher is Skelton R. Lydick (my great grandfather), about 23 years old and not yet married. I received a copy of this photo from my father who said the year was 1894, and he thought the location of this 1-room school was either Beeler Station or Brushy Ridge, but one of my great aunts was fairly certain that this school was in the Goshorn Wilderness, or Goshorn tract south east of Cameron, WV. She indicated that the S.R. Lydick's job paid $35.00 a month, and he had to do his own janitorial work in addition to teaching. He stayed with different families in the neighborhood during the school year (because his family's home was near Glen Easton, too far a commute to the school).

The only students identified are, in the first row from the left, Raymond Pierce, Grace Parks, Arch Parks, and an unknown boy. Remaining students are also unidentified.


S. R. Lydick's Class, Terrell School, 1908

1. Top (L-R): Margaret Hubbs, Texie Dakan
2. Russell Hopkins, Carl Crow, Edith Hall, May Cummins, W. F. Hopkins
3. S. R. Lydick (teacher), Delta Dakan, Victor Crow, McK. Hubbs, Dorothy Harris, Artie Crow
4. (Boy) Oliver Keller
5. Willis Lydick, Wilma Lydick, Rose Cummins, Trella Crow, Charles Keller
Standing in front - Lyle Lydick


S. R. Lydick's Class, Terrell School, 1910

The teacher is S. R. Lydick, and some of his own children were his students (the Lydicks lived on Fork Ridge Road, almost directly across the road from Terrell School). "Terrell #5, Cameron District" is what the sign says. This is the 1910 class photo. The short little boy in front row was Arlie Lydick, third from right in front row is Lyle Lydick, and Willis Lydick is 2nd from right in front row. Girl in dark dress in 2nd row is Wilma Lydick. The other students are unidentified, but maybe someone can figure out who they are using the name list on the 1908 photo of the same school.