Sunday School Students, St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Boggs Run - c 1941-42

From Herb Steinman: "This picture was all the kids in the sunday school at St. Matthews Lutheran church. This was the first year the church was there, as I recall, so that must have been about 1941 or maybe 1942. On the first row, third from the left is a little blond girl, who I think was a Cunningham. Fifth from the left, Terry Merideth, next is Bruce then Don Beaver, a classmate of mine who is now gone. Second row from the front, second boy is J. Amos Pyle, a good friend and classmate through high school who is now dead. Fourth from the left, second row, ---- Lindamuth, the pastor's son. Next is yours truly (Herb). Next is George Singer (with his chin resting in his hand). I don't know what happened to him. Next, unknown, next is one of the Okel kids. In the third row starting from the left, the fifth girl is (I think) Margret Horning from Center Benwood. Next is two girls I can't identify, then my brother Fred. Right behind him and to the left is my brother Charles."

NOTE from Delbert McConn, 3/19/2010: "Looking at the picture on right side first row is Janice Ikey. Second row second boy is Charles Ikey. I married Janice in 1956; we went to school in Bridgeport. "