Will of Mary Turner

Submitted by Phyllis D. Slater.

Record of Wills, Book 3, Page 143.

March the 31st 1834 I Mary Turner believing that the desolution of my body is near at hand and wishing to dispose of my property as seemeth right to me do therefor will and bequeath the same as follows...First I will and devise that my black man Henry be free when he is thirty years of age. Second that he belong to my daughter Mary Israel until the expiration of the above mentioned time when he arrive to the age of thirty years.

Third my suit in law with the heirs of John G. Jackson if obtained all the amount over and above paying the costs and costs that have and my accrue I will and bequeath to John Parriott and my daughter Mary Israel to be equally divided between them.

Fourth I hereby revoke alll previous wills and contracts which may have bin made privous to the ensealing of this. Fifth I do hereby appoint and constitute John Parriott my lawful administrator to convey into effect this my last will and testament.

Mary Turner

Signed by Mary Israel by request of her mother whose name is above in presince of the evidence

Signed in presince of
Robert Tomlinson,
Denny H. McLure,
Wm Baldwin.
Ohio county court Novr. Term 1834.
The last will and testament of Mary Turner deceased is presented in court and proved by the oath of William Baldwin one of the subscribing witnesses thereto..