Will of William H. Frey

Submitted by Joseph F. Frey, Jr.

I, William H. Frey being in good health do make this my last will and
testament in manner and form as follows to wit. I will devise and
bequeath to my wife, Mary L. Frey, all of my property of any and all
kinds to have and to hold and to dispose of as may seem best and as
I have hereto fore advanced the sum of $250.00 to Harrison I. Frey
also to John Fred Frey, the sum of $300.00. These two sums of money
so paid shall be deducted from their share of the estate when sold
and should any one of my children kick on the provisions of this my
last willl shall receive and be paid the sum of $25.00 only in the
final sale and distribution of the proceeds from the sale of the
property on Morton Ave. in Moundsville, Wv, the same being lot 120
on Morton Ave. Given under my hand and seal, this 19th day of September
                                William H. Frey

January 20, 1920
    In the matter of the probate of the will of William H. Frey, deceased.
    A paper writing bearing date on the 19th day of September 1919
purporting to be the holographic will of William H. frey, deceased was
this day presented for probate. Thereupon came Louise Henrietta and James
A. Sigafoose whose on their oaths say they were and are acquainted with
the handwriting of the testator and that said writing is wholly in the
handwriting of said writing of said testator and that the signature
thereto is the signature and in the handwriting of said testator was
of sound and disclosing mind. It is ordered that said paper writing be
admitted to probate and ordered recorded as the last will and testament
of the said William H. Frey, deceased.
              TESTE: J. E. Chase, clerk