Land Deed of John Whetsell

Submitted by Barbara Johnson.

Early land deed, taken from very old Wheeling newspaper. No date on this paper. It is mostly a copy of the deed for Sand Hill District, Viola Community. The paper dates pre- 1950's.

"One of the first records of land owners in the Viola community was that of John Whetsell. The first deed ever given for this land was that of Gov. Randolph of Virginia to John Whetsell for 500 acres of land. The following is the deed: Edmund Randolph Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia

TO ALL TO WHO THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME, GREETINGS: Knoe ye that by virtue an din consideration of a Presumption, Treasurery Warrant Number two thousand four hundred and ninety-eight issued the twenty-third day of june, One thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Three.

There is granted by the said Commonwealth unto John Whetsell, a certain tract of land containg five hundred acres, by survey bearing date of the Twelfth Day of February One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven, lying and being in the county of Ohio, on Big wheeling Creek and bounded as follows; To-wit, Beginning at a Sugar tree standing on the bank of Big Wheeling Creek by the mouth of a drain; thence south one hundred and forty poles to two white oaks; thence south twenty degrees; east one hundred and eighty poles to a white oak; thence south seventy one degrees; east one hundred and eighteen poles to a black oak; thence north seventy two degrees; east eighty poles to a spanish oak; north fifteen degrees, east seventy poles crossing Wheeling creek to a sugar tree; north seventy five degrees west eighty poles to a hickory; north forty three degrees west eighty poles toa sycamore on the bank of the creek; thence down several courses and meanders one hundred and thirty two poles to a sugar tree; thence leaving said creek; north one hundred poles crossing turkey run toa sugar and white oak, north seventy five degrees one hundred and sixty five poles to a white oak; one hundred poles to a white walnut standing on the bank of the creek at the mouth of turkey run; corner to lawrence stricker and with his line up several courses and meanders of said creek crossing the same eighty eight poles to the beginning with its appurtainces; to the said john whetsell and his heirs forever, In witness thereof the said Edmund Randolph governor of the commonwealth of Virginia hath hereunto set his hand and caused the lesser seal of the said commonwealth to be affixed at richmond on the thirteenth day of june in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight and of the commonwealth the twelfth.

In 1795, 400 of the 500 acres were deeded by the Whetsell heirs to Frederick Tague (now called Dague). The Whetsell-Tague deed is recorded in deed book No 3, page 144 Ohio County records."