Will of George McComb

Submitted by Karl G. McCombs; obtained from Ron Didion.

Note that Chartiers Township is located where the present town of Cannonsburg,
Washington County, Pennsylvania now lies. It was copied exactly as found, with or
without the (s) on the end of the McComb name. 

I, George McComb, of Chartiers Township, Washington County,
Pennsylvania, being weak of body, but of perfect mind and memory, and
calling to mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that is appointed
to all men, once to die, do make this my Last Will and Testament; and
first, and principally, I recommend my Soul to God, who gave it, and,
for my body, I recommend it to the Earth, to be buried in a decent
Christian manner, at the discretion of my executors, and for my Worldly
Estate, which God hath bestowed upon me, I give, and demise, and
dispose, in the following manner and form; and first, that all my legal
debts be paid, I give, and bequeath, to my beloved wife, Martha, the
incomes of my Real Estate, to be at her disposal, likewise, all my
personal estate, with the exceptions hereafter mentioned, during her
natural life; and, to my oldest daughter, Jean, I bequeath and give a
horse and saddle, one cow and calf, and four sheep, and bureau, one bed,
and bedding, likewise, two hundred dollars, out of my real estate, above
her equal share, with the rest of the legatees; and to my oldest son,
John, if he emigrates to that part of the country, where my other
children are, and enters the land, I will pay one installment of eight
dollars, if not, I allow him five dollars out of my estate; and to Hugh,
my youngest son, I give the Bloss Cow, and the Bull, and four steers,
and twenty dollars cash from William McClelend, and fifty dollars cash
from John May, his bed, and bedding, a patent plow, and one half of the
wheat now on the ground; and likewise, to my grandson, George McComb,
now living with me, I bequeath one hundred acres of land in Guernsey
County, State of Ohio, and a horse and saddle, if he remains with either
his grandmother, or his Aunt Jean, until the age of twenty one, if not,
he receives but two dollars; and likewise, his sister, Martha, my
granddaughter, if she remains with either of them aforesaid until the
age of eighteen, she is to have, one horse and saddle, and, one bed and
bedding, and if not, she is to receive but two dollars; and likewise, my
grandson, George McComb Savage, son of John Savage, I give fifty five
acres of land, adjoining the above said, George McComb, in Guernsey
County, State of Ohio, and said Savage, is to give his sister, Martha
Savage, thirty dollars, when he arrives at the age of twenty one; I do
further will, and demise, all the incomes of my real estate to my above
mentioned, and beloved wife, Martha, or, if she, for a more commodious
way of living, would wish to go to some of her children to live, I do
will, by her getting security for sufficient, comfortable, sustenance
from the legatees, that the land be sold, at the expiration of three or
four years, at discretion of the executors, of this, my last will; and
to my oldest daughter, Jean, as above mentioned, receive two hundred
dollars, and the remainder to be equally divided between my four
daughters, the above mentioned, Jean McComb, Ellenor Savage, Ann Savage,
and Martha McKee; and I do hereby constitute, make, and ordain, David
Reed, and, William Neilson, as my sole executors of this, my Last Will
and Testament, and do hereby, disallow, and revoke, all, and any other,
former, will testament legacy, bequests, and executors, by me, in any
wise, before named, and willed, and bequethed, ratifying and confirming
this, and no other, to be my, Last Will and Testament;

In Witness-
Whereof I have here untoset my hand, and seal, this thirtieth day of
June, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Eight Hundred, and Eighteen
- George McComb.

June 30, 1818 Seal:

Signed, sealed, published, pronounced, and declared, by the said, George
McComb, as his Last Will and Testament, in the presence of each other,
have here unto subscribed our names;
Joseph McCombs, his mark - (X)
John Couden
John Neilson
Washington County, SS..

Final Entry:

Be it remembered, that on the fifth day of August, in the year of our
Lord, One Thousand, Eight Hundred, and Eighteen (August 5, 1818) before
me, Issac Kerr, Register for the Probate of Wills, and Granting Letters
fo Administration in, and for, said County, came, Joseph McComb, John
Coudin, and John Neilson, the subscribing witnesses to, the aforegoing,
Last Will and Testament of George McComb, late of the County aforesaid,
deceased, who, being duly sworn as the law directs, do depose and say,
that they were personnally present, and did see the testator therein
named, sign this will, and did hear him publish, pronounce, and declare
the same to be his, Last Will and Testament;
And at the time of him so doing, he was, to the best of their
apprehensions, of sound and disposing mind, memory, and understanding,
and that they respectively subscribed their names, as witnesses, to this
will, in the presence, and, at the request of the Testator, George

Issac Kerr