Will of Benjamin Smith

Submitted by E. Dian Moore.

Marshall County, Virginia Will Book 1, page 147

"Benjamin Smith's Will  (kept spelling)

In the name of god, Amen.  I Benjamin Smith of Marshall County state of
Virginia being weak in body but of sound and prepossessing memory do
make this my last will and testament to wit to my wife Susanna all my
property both real and personal after all my just and legal debts are
paid as long as she remains my widow or until my son Micajah arrives to
the age of twenty one years then it is my will that he shall keep his
mother her natural lifetime and it is my will that my son Micaga pay to
my dauhter Martha fifty dollars eighteen months after he is twenty one
years of age and to my dauhter Margaret fifty dollars three years after
he is twenty one and to my daughter Mary fifty dollars four years and
six months after he is twenty one and to my daughter Lavina fifty
dollars six years after he is of age or twenty one years of age and to
my daughter Emma Jane seven years and six months fifty dollars after he
is of age and if my wife should should be pregnant at this time my will
is that the issue shall receive fifty dollars a piece eight months after
my dauhter Emma Jane has received hers.  In testimony of the same I
hereunto set my hand and seal this 25th day of July 1851.  In presence
of the witnesses, last but not least I appoint my wife Susanna my
administratrix and the Court another.  Benjamin Smith by his mark. X.
Witnesses:  Jos Hubbs, Micajah Doty and ???.
Marshall County Court, August Term 1851.  The last will and testament of
Benjamin Smith deceased was _____ by the oaths of Joseph Hubbs, Micajah
Doty and Frederic Smith, the subscribing witnesses thereto and is
ordered to be recorded on the motion of Susanna Smith the Executrix
therein named who no__with thereto and together with Joseph Smith her
security who ____ to his sufficiency entered into and acknowledged a
bond in the _____ of $200. conditioned as the law directs certificate is
granted her attaining a probate of the said will in due form.  A copy
teste, James D. Morris, Clerk."