Will of Micajah Doty

Submitted by E. Dian Moore.

Micajah Doty's Will
Marshall County, WV Will Book 1, Page 198 (spelling kept)

In the name of God amen.  I Micaja doty of the county of Marshall State
of Virginia being weak in body but of sound mind and preposesing memory
do make this my last will and testament, to wit:  first i will and
bequeath unto my wife Martha all my property both real and pesonal as
long as she remains my widow and secondly I will and bequeath unto my
two sons John and Micaja after the death of my wife and the payment of
all my leagal and just debts and funeral expenses are paid all my
property both real and personal to be divided equal between them the
division of the real estate to be divided so as to let John have the
house that I now live in, and where Micaja builds it is to be his it is
to be understood that I except an half acre of ground for a buring place
for my children and their children including the present grave yard and
I order that my two sons pay the following bequest first that they pay
unto my daughter Susan widow of Benjamin Smith in ten years to begin
this year and ten dollars a year till paid and to my two daughters Nancy
Gregg wife of Edward Gregg and Hannah Gatts wife of Andrew Gatts one
hundred dollars each at twenty five dollar payments and to commence the
payment the year after the death of my wife and twenty five dollars
every second year thereafter till paid and I order that they pay unto my
daughters Nancy and Rachel Smith wives of Frederick and John Smith one
hundred dollars each to commence on the fourth year and then pay them
twenty five dollars and every second year thereafter till paid and that
they pay unto Benjamin Franklin Lockwood Pelly and Hester Kerry rhe
amount of their induction provided they stay there till they become of
age and lastly I hereby appoint my two sons John and Micaja my Executors
of this my las will and testament as witnefs i have set my hand and seal
this 13th day of October 1853.

Micaja (his x mark) Doty

Spencer Biddle
Joseph Hubbs

Marshall County Court June Term 1855

 A writing purporting the last will and testament of Micaja Doty deesd.
was this day presented to court for probate and on motion of John Doty
one of the persons named as Executor therein the matter of the admisfion
of said paper to probate is continued until the next term.

A copy teste E. H. Caldwell, clk.

Marshall County Court, July Term 1855

 The last will and testament of Micaja Doty deceased was this day again
produced in court in order to be proved; and being proved by the oaths
of Joseph Hubbs and Spencer Biddle,, the subscribing witneffes thereto
is ordered to be recorded; and on the motion of John Doty and Micaja
Doty the Executors therein named, who made oath therreto, and together
with Remembrance swore their surety, who qualified as to his
sufficiency, entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of
$1500., payable and conditioned as the law directs, certificate is
granted them for obtaining a probate of said will in due form.

A copy Teste

E. H. Caldwell clk.

Book 1, Page 3, Marshall County Register of Deaths.  Micajah Doty died
May 20, 1855, at Fish Creek of Palsy.  Age 70-4-8.  No parents listed,
wife Martha Doty.  Micajah Doty reporting.