Will of Samuel Smith

Submitted by E. Dian Moore.

WILL of Samuel Smith, Marshall Co., VA, Will Book 1, Page 145

In the name of God, Amen.  I Samuel Smith of Marshall Co., Va., being
weak in body but of sound mind and prepossing memory do make this my
last will and testament as follows, to-wit:  I will and bequeath to my
dauhter Margaret young and her children one track of land in mar. Co.
Va. "bainng on Coonns ness" containing one hundred and twenty five acres
the same that is deeded to me in a deed bearing date February 13th 1851
from Nathaniel Preston by "I". Hoge and David B. Speencer by "I" Hoge
being a part of 1000 acres patened by Richard Nickoles to have and to
hold forever with all the appurtenances thereunto I will and bequeath to
my son John the South west end of my place I live on in Mar. Co. Va. to
wit beginning at Frederick's Smith South East Corner and running with
his line a north east direction to a drain that divides my land and John
Groves and from there to a gait post near where he now lives and from
thence a strait line to my south east corner from thence to the place of
begining to have and to hold him and his heirs forever with all the
apertanance thereunto.  I wlil and bequeath to my son Joseph all the
residue of my real estate situated on the Ohio river on one side and
John Higgs on antoeher side and Benjamin Smith on another side and
Josepoh Smith line on one side and John Smit's line on one end and John
Groves line onone side.  i will and bequeath to my wife Margaret Smith
all my personal property as long as she may live and I further will and
command that my son Joseph Smith keep my wife all her natural lifetime
and after her decease to have all my personal property with the real
estate before mentioned to have and to forever and his heirs with all
the apertanance therunto.  I will and command that my son Joseph pay all
my just and legal debts and funeral expenses indue time.

I will and command that my son Joseph pay to all the herinafter named
legatees the several somes I specify three years after the decease of my
wife.  I will my dauhter Nancy wife of David Smith, Six Dollars.  I will
my dauhter Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Wayne, Twenty Five Dollars.  i will
my dauhter Mary Young, wife of Elijah young fifty dollars.  I will my
dauhter Rachel Matilda wife of James Miller Two dollars.  I will my
dauhter Hanna "G" wife of John Groves Two dollars.  I will my son Samuel
Two dollars.  I will my son Frederick Two Dollars.  I will my son Andrew
Two dollars.  I wll my son Benjamin Two Dollars.  I will and command
that my dauhter Lovena live in my mansion house till she is married and
then my son Joseph set her out with a cow head and bedstead and ten
dollars worth of kitchen furniture and pay her fifty dollars three years
after the decease of my wife.

I further will and command that Joseph my son pay David Evans a boy now
living with me when he is 21 years of age a horse and saddle and bridle
worth fifty dollars.  Last but not least I hereby appoint my sons
Frederick and Joseph my executors of this my last will and testament.
In testimony of the same I hereunto set my hand and seal the thirteeth
day of July oone Thousand eighteen hundred and fifty one.  Samuel "his
Xmark" Smith.

Signed seald and delivered by the above named Samuel Smith to be his
last will and testament in the presense of us who have hereunto set our

C. P. Wells, Jas. Campbell, Jos. Hubbs.

Page 147, Marshall County Court, August Term 1851.

The last will and testament of Samuel Smith deceased was proved by the
oaths of Charles P. Wells, James Campbell and Joseph Hubbs the
subscribing witnesses thereto and is ordered to be recorded and on the
motion of Frederick Smith and Joseph Smith the Executors therein named
who made ______ thereto, and together with James Miller their security,
are qualified to his sufficiency entered into and acknowledged their
bond in the penalty of $700 conditioned as the law directs.  Certificate
is granted them for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form.  A
copy teste, James D. Morris, Clerk.