Will of Richard Campbell

Submitted by Barbara Blake Goddard.

Marshall County Will Book 1A, Page 1

In the name of God Amen. I Richard Campbell of the state of 
Virginia and County of Marshall being sick in body but sound in 
mind and memory do make and publish my last will and testament 
hereby revoking and setting aside my will heretofore by me made. 
And in the manner following, viz.
1st  after my decease I commit my soul to God who gave it in 
hopes of a blessed immortality, and my body to be decently buryed 
at the discretion of my friends.
2nd  I will and direct that my loving wife Beulah have one half 
of all my personal property, together with one half the proceeds 
of the farm whereon I now live and in case she should not incline 
to live on the farm, she is to receive forty dollars per annum of 
the proceeds. 
3rd  I will that my youngest son Alexander, shall have the other 
half of my personal property and half the proceeds of my farm 
during his mothers natural life, and at her death to have to 
whole of it, by paying the following amount, viz.: to pay to my 
three sons: David Campbell, Richard Campbell and Silas Campbell 
one hundred dollars each. And to my three daughters, Mary, 
Joannah and Nancy fifty dollars each, all to be paid as follows: 
one hundred dollars to be paid the oldest first and one hundred 
dollars to be paid each year according to their respective ages, 
and that he procures for the heirs of my deceased sons John and 
David on copy of the comprehensive Commontary of the Bible, or 
the amount in money, to procure one as they respectively come of 
4th  I will to my son James Campbell the possession and all the 
claim I have on the place he now lives on together with a field 
adjoining the same and formerly belong to that tract: to have as 
long as he holds possession of that place.
In testimony whereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this 
seventeenth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and thirty 
	Sealed signed and delivered in presence of us:	
John Scott				Richard   X   Campbell
James Wharry				  mark
Edward Supler	

At a circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery held for Marshall 
County on the 16th day of October 1837.
The last will and testament of Richard Campbell dec’d was proved 
according to law by the oaths of John Scott and James Wharry, 
witnesses thereto. Said John Scott testifies as follows. To wit, 
that he wrote the name of Richard Campbell at the bottom of said 
testamentary paper, and said Campbell made his mark thereto and 
acknowledged the same to be his will in the presence of said 
Scott and Wherry, and Edward Supler, and requested them to attest 
the same as witnesses which said Scott did in the presence of 
said Richard Campbell and in the presence of the other attesting 
witnesses. And that at the time of the execution of said will as 
aforesaid, the said Richard Campbell was of sound mind, and said 
James Wharry testified as follows, to wit: that he was present, 
with the above named, John Scott and witnessed the Execution of 
said will by said Richard Campbell, that the said Campbell 
acknowledged the signature then to be his and acknowledges same 
to be his will and requested him to attest the same as a witness, 
which deponent did in the presence of the testator, and in the 
presence of the other subscribing witnesses John Scott and E. 
Supler. That the signature to said paper was signed by him as a 
witness and that the testator was at the time of Executing of 
said will of sound mind and thereupon the same is order to be 
recorded as a will of lands and personalty. And on the motion of 
Beulah Campbell widow of said Richard Campbell dec’d who made 
oath and together with John Scott and James Wherry her securities 
entered into and acknowledged a bon in the penalty of $400. 
Conditioned as the law directs. Certificate is granted the said 
Beulah Campbell for obtaining letters of administration on the 
said decedents Estate with his will aforesaid annexed in due 
				A Copy
						James Dillowis, Clk