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2013 -- The West Virginia Wills are now available in the Historical Records Collection at https://www.familysearch.org

Will Indexes
(May not include every will.)

Ohio County, WV Wills Through 1835
Marshall County, WV Will Book 1
Marshall County, WV Will Book 1-A
Marshall County, WV Will Book 2
Marshall County, WV Will Book 2-A
Marshall County, WV Will Book 3
Miscellaneous Will Information

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Elijah Alley
Jacob Altmyre
Margaret Altmyre
Mordicai Amos
Henry Baker
Mordecai Bane
Catherine Jane Barger
Rufus Bartlett
Abner Black
George W. Blake, Sr.
James A. Blake
John Thomas Blake
Joshua Blake
Robert Blake
John Boggs
James Bonar
John Bonnett
Lewis Bonnett
Samuel Bowman
Mathew Boyd
William Buchanan
Joseph Campbell
Richard Campbell
Edward Chambers
Henry Clark
John Vincent Clark
William Clouston
Samuel Cockayne
Isaac Coe
John Coffield
Henry Conkle
Philip Conkle
Jacob Covalt
Robert Covalt
William Covalt
Damaris Crow
Jacob Crow
Jacob Crow 2
Michael Crow
Daniel Cunningham - Abstract
William Cunningham
Daniel Dague
Albert Davis
Albert G. Davis
Allen Davis
Isaac Davis
Hanson Davis
Robert J. Davis
Silas Rodefer Davis
Micajah Doty
Robert Dougherty
William Dougherty
Edward Dowler
George Dowler
William Downing
John Duncan
Ann Evans
Walter Evans, Sr.
William Faris
Juliet Feay
Jane Frazier Fletcher
James Freeland
William H. Frey
John Gorby
Thomas Gorby
Elijah Griffith
John Grindle
Jonathan Grindstaff
Lewis Grindstaff
Mary Harkness
James Holmes
John Hornbrook
J. M. Howard
Elijah Hubbs
Isaac Hubbs
Elizabeth Jefferson - (Abstract)
James Jefferson
Charles Jones
David Jones
George Jones
James M. Jones
Samuel Jones
Thomas P. Jones
David Karr
Martin Keller
Amos Keyser
William Kincaid
Maria Kleiner
John Lemmon
James Logsdon
David Lutes
John Marling
Richard Marsh
John May
Lydia May
E. B. McCardel
George McComb
Elizabeth McCracken - Elizabeth McCracken Estate
Flora McCracken
Isaac McCracken
J. H. McCracken
John McCracken
Thomas McCreary (1802)
Thomas McCreary (1890)
George McHenry
James McHenry, Sr.
John McHenry
W. S. McHenry
James McMahon [McMechen]
William McMahon
Shepherd McMechen
William McMechen
John Oscar McMillan
John Mills
John T. Montgomery
Joseph Montgomery
John Neehouse
John Neeley
Richard Parriott
Henry Parsons
Harriet Phillips
Margaret Phillips
Sarah Eckels Phillips
William Phillips
Aaron Porter
Alexander Porter
James A. Porter
Stephen Priest
Michael Pyles
Richard Ravenscraft
Abraham Richmond
John Richmond
Lemuel R. Richmond
Smith Richmond
John S. Riggs
Mahlon Riggs
Mary B. Riggs
Owen Riley
Lazarus Rine
Reason Rine
Christina (Christiana?) Roberts
Harry C. Roberts
William Roberts
William Robinson
John Rodefer
John Rogerson
John Rosenberger
Robert G. Rosenberger
James C. Saunder(s)/Sanders
Hillsborow Scott
David Shepherd
Moses Shepherd
Nathan Shepherd
Samuel Shook
Jacob Sivert
John F. Sivert
Mary Jane Siverts
Benjamin Smith
Samuel Smith
Henry Sockman
Peter Spoon
B. F. Standiford
A. J. Steele
Sidney McMechen Stricker
Reuben H. Stricklin
William Suter
Jonas Thatcher
William Tolbert
Elizabeth Tomlinson
Joseph Tomlinson
Payton Trussell
Josiah Turner
Mary Turner
William Turner
Abel Vanscyoe
John Varley
James Wellman
Charles Wells
Charles Claypole Wells
Charles P. Wells
Elizabeth Prather Wells
Zachariah G. White, Sr.
Daniel Winters
Daniel Winters, II
James Winters
John Winters
Nathaniel W. Yeater
Ebenezer Zane

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