Will of Daniel Winters, II

Submitted by Elizabeth D. Swiger.

Will of Daniel Winters, II, 1821-1898

Written 16 July 1896, Probated 15 March 1898
Marshall County WV Will Book 3, pages 207-8

	Be it remembered that I, Daniel Winters of Sand Hill District Marshall
County West Va. do make this my last will and testament in manner following
that is to say:

	I order and direct that all of my just debts shall be paid with
convenient speed. I give bequeath and devise my real and personal estate
as follows:

	To my daughter, Alice J. Campbell, seventy acres of land, more or
less, knowing as the Roseberry Farm.

	To my grandson Harry L. Thornburgh the home farm containing eighty
acres more or less.

	To my granddaughter Fairy O. Thornburgh Fifteen hundred dollars.

	To my granddaughter Cora J. Thornburgh Fifteen hundred dollars.

	I order and direct that Alice J. Campbell pay to my grand-daughters
Fairy O. and Cora J. Thornburgh each five hundred dollars in one year after
my death, also order and direct that my grandson Harry L. Thornburgh pay my
granddaughters two thousand dollars to be paid as follows:
	To my granddaughter Fairy O. five hundred dollars in one year after my
death, to my granddaughter Cora J. five hundred dollars in one year after
my death. The remainder five hundred dollars to each of them in two years
after my death, that is to say each of my granddaughters is to have five
hundred dollars each two years after my death.

	I hereby revoke all wills by me made heretofore. In witness whereof
I, the said Daniel Winters, have hereto set my hand and seal this 16 day
of July 1896.        his
	                Daniel  X  Winters
                                     mark              Seal
	Then and there signed sealed and published by Daniel Winters the
Testator and for his last will in the presence of us who at his request and
in the presence of each other have set our names as witnesses.
W. H. McCollum
                               A. R. Kimmins

West Virginia, Marshall County Court, Clerk's Office March 15th 1898
	A paper writing bearing date 16th day of July 1896 and purporting
to be the last will and testament of Daniel Winters Decd. late of Sand Hill
District this County is this day fully proved before me in my office from
the oaths of W. H. McCollum and A. R. Kimmins the two subscribing witnesses
therein and is admitted to probate and ordered to be recorded as and for
the true last will and testament of the said Daniel Winters Decd. and no
Executor being named in said will upon motion of J. A. Campbell, A. R.
Kimmins was appointed administrator with the will annexed of the said
Daniel Winters Decd. Thereupon the said A. R. Kimmins took the oath
required by law and together with J. A. Campbell his surety who first
qualified to his sufficiency, entered into and acknowledged a bond in the
penal sum of One thousand dollars conditioned and payable as the law
directs. Therefore a certificate is granted to the said A. R. Kimmins for
obtaining a probate of said will in due form and upon motion of said A. R.
Kimmins, Charles Marsh, Joshua Winters, and John Merriner are appointed
appraisers to appraise the goods and chattels of the said Daniel Winters,
Decd., they to be first duly sworn for that purpose.
                                   Teste   E. M. Lewis, Clerk