Will of Allen Davis

Submitted by Elizabeth Davis Swiger.

Will of Allen Davis, 1808-1890 

Written 31 August 1886, Recorded date 28 June 1890
Ohio County West Virginia Will Book 7, pages 252-4

	I, Allen Davis, of Ohio County  West Virginia, do make ordain and
declare this to be my last will and testament.

	Item first. I hereby order and direct that all my just debts including
my funeral expenses, be paid by my ecexctors hereinafter named.

	Second. I give and bequeath to my good wife Elizabeth Davis the sum
of one ($1000 00/100) dollars, and also give her such articles of household
furniture, beds, bedding &c as she may desire. I also give her the right to
occupy and live in free from rent, the house &c in which we now reside near
the town of Elm Grove for the period of one year from the date of my death.

	Third. I direct my executors to have erected at my grave a monument,
with suitable inscription, and not to exceed in cost the sum of two hundred
and fifty ($25000) dollars.

	Fourth. To Lizzie Finley who has lived with us for a number of years,
and who has always been faithful and attentive, as a domestic and friend, I
give and bequeath the sum of two hundred ($20000) dollars.

	Fifth. When the foregoing clauses of this will have been carried into
effect and at the expiration of one year from the date of my decease, or
sooner if my wife so elects, I order and direct my executors to sell and
convey to the best advantage my property near Elm Grove, and I also direct
them to sell any stocks which I may own, and to collect any sum or sums of
money which may be owing to me at that time, and they are to convert the
same into cash or its equivalent, and when the aggregate is ascertained, I
order and direct that it shall be divided into three equal parts, and
disposed of as follows that is to say, to my good wife, Elizabeth Davis, I
give and bequeath the one third, and to my daughter Mary Jane Davis the
wife of Silas Davis of this County I give and bequeath one third, and to my
two grandchildren, W. D. Sutherland, and Mary G. Sutherland, children of my
deceased daughter Juliet and now resident of the state of Illinois I give
and bequeath the remaining one third in equal shares or proportions.

	Sixth. I nominate and appoint my son-in-law Silas Davis and my wife
Elizabeth Davis, Executors of this will.

	In witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name and affixed my seal
this 31st day of August 1886.

	Allen Davis     Seal
Signed, sealed, and acknowledged by the Testator in our presence whose
names are signed as attesting witnesses, who signed the same at his request
in his presence, and in the presence of each other this 31st day of August
	Wm. A. Love       
	 Jno. C. Ziegenfelder
	R. A. Bird         
	D. Z. Phillips    
	W. Z. Ziegenfelder
	Thos. OBrien      
	For orders see Book 6, pages 470 & 476.
	Teste    George Cook    Clerk