Will of John Rodefer

Submitted by Elizabeth D. Swiger.

Will of John Rodefer, ca 1770-3/1859

Written 14 April 1854, Probated 6 Sept 1859
Marshall County WV Will Book 1, page 255-7
Belmont County OH Will Book I, page 233-5

	In The name of God Amen.
	I, John Rodefer of the County of Belmont and State of Ohio, being of
weak and delicate health but of sound mind and memory do make and publish
this as my last will and testament.

	Item 1st. I will that all my just debts be paid as soon after my
decease as possible according to the directions hereinafter stated.

	Item 2nd. I will and desire that my beloved wife Barbary have a
liberal and ample support out of my estate and that which one of my children
supports and takes care of her shall be liberally paid for the same out of
my estate.

	Item 3rd. I devise to my son Jacob Rodefer the farm on which he now
lives, situate in Belmont County Ohio and containing 221 acres more or less
and being the same premises purchased by me from John Rose.

	Item 4th. I devise to my son-in-law Albert Davis the farm on which he
now lives in Marshall County Va. containing 300 acres and purchased by me
from David Huffman.

	Item 5th. I devise to my son-in-law Jacob Granstaff a life estate in
the real estate he now lives upon and the fee simple equally to his children,
Samuel, John, William, Barbary, Adeline Granstaff and Maria Granstaff
intermarried with James Down(in)g, said real estate situated in Marshall
County Virginia and containing about 300 acres.

	Item 6th. I devise to my daughter, Eliza Alton, wife of Benjamin
Alton, and to her heirs the farm on which they now live containing about
thirty three acres. I also bequeath to my said daughter Eliza and her heirs
the sum of three thousand dollars to be paid in three equal payments, the
first payment to be paid in one year after my death, said payments to be on
interest from and after my decease.

	Item 7th. I bequeath to my son-in-law Joseph Blake the sum of five
thousand dollars to be divided into five equal payments, first payment to
be paid in two years after my decease, said payments to be on interest from
and after my decease.

	Item 8th. I having deeded to my son John three hundred acres of the
farm on which I now live clear of all encumbrances whatever, I devise him
said land in full of his share of my estate.

	Item 9th. I will and devise that my Executor hereinafter named as
soon after my decease as practicable sell the balance of the real estate
purchased by me of Jacob S. Shriver that is not included in the deed to my
son John Rodefer and apply the proceeds to the payment of my debts. If the
sum is not sufficient for that purpose that he sell so much of my real
estate not herein disposed of as will be necessary for that purpose, that
he sell the same at public or private sale as he may deem for the best
advantage and on reasonable credit if necessary, and he is hereby fully
authorized to make and execute deed or deeds for the same.

	Item 10th. I will and direct that my said Executor collect my out
standing assets and apply the same to the satisfaction of the legacies
herein specified. 

	Item 11th. I also will and direct that if, when the real estate is
sold for the payment of debts aforesaid that the debts that I owe are not
due that the money be placed at interest to meet the same when the same
becomes due or that if my out standing assets cannot be made available to
pay the legacies as they become due, that the same be applied for that

	Item 12th. I hereby nominate and appoint Miller Pennington as the
Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking and annulling
all former wills by me made.

	In testimony whereof I have this 14th day of April A. D. 1854 set
my hand and seal.
	John Rodefer      Seal  
Signed and acknowledged by John 
Rodefer as his last will and testament 
in our presence and signed by us in 
his presenceand at his request this 14th
day of April 1854.  Charles De Hass
                    Bell Jane Workman

The State of Ohio Belmont County Probate Court September 6th 1859
	The last will and testament of John Rodefer late of Belmont County
Ohio deceased was thsi day brought into the probate court of said county
and presented for probate and it was appearing to this court by the
testimony of Charles De Hass and Bell Jane Workman the subscribing
witnesses to said will this day taken in open court, reduced to writing
and filed that said will was duely attested and executed, that the Testator
at the time of executing the same was of sound mind and memory, of full
age and not under any restraint. Thereupon the court approve said will
and order that the same be recorded with the proof now taken to prove the
same. (Miller Pennington, the Executor named in said will is deceased). On
motion the court appoint A. W. Anderson administrator with the will annexed
and order that letters of administration to him upon his giving bond with
security in the sum of four thousand dollars conditioned according to law
and John S. Anderson and J. W. Milligan being offered are accepted as such
security. The court appoint Robert Merritt, John W. Milligan and James Neal
appraisers of the estste and effects of said deceased. Bond filed and
letters issued September 13th 1859.
	Robert Claudy, Probate Judge.

[Affidavits from Charles De Hass and Bell Jane Workman, taken in the office
of Robert Claudy in his office in St. Clairsville, followed.]