Will of Juliet Feay

Submitted by Elizabeth Davis Swiger.

Will of Juliet Feay, 1786-1877

Written 24 Feb 1874, Probated 23 August 1877
Ohio County West Virginia Will Book 5, page 308.

	Drawing near to the close of life according to the course of nature
and desirous to guide with discretion all my temporal affairs unto the end,
Therefore I now feel it my duty and my privilege, to express my desire in
the manner in which I wish my personal effects to be disposed of after my
decease, which I Juliet Feay now do in the following manner, viz.

	First, I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses be paid, as
soon as possible after my decease, out of the first money that shall come
into the hands of my executor.

	Next, I direct that the heirs of my granddaughter, Juliet Sutherland,
now deceased, shall be paid One Hundred Dollars between them. I also direct
that my granddaughter, Mary Jane, wife of Silas Davis, or her heirs be paid
One Hundred Dollars. These amounts respectively shall be paid six months
after my decease, out of money arising from the private sale of my personal
property, or so much of it as shall be necessary to liquidate the aforesaid
amounts, or claims.

	Next, I direct that my son William shall have One Bedstead, bed and

	Next, I direct that the remainder of my personal property , after all
the aforesaid bequeathments are satisfied, or paid, shall be equally divided
between my son John and daughters Sarah and Rachel Feay.

	I do hereby appoint Daniel S. Thornburg to act as the executor of this
my last will and testament. In witness whereof I Juliet Feay do hereby set
my hand and seal this 24th day of February, One thousand eight hundred and
	Juliet  X  Feay     

Acknowledged this 24th day of February 1874 in presence of the following

Attest     James White
           Sam Buchanan
                                   Clerk's Office of the County Court
                                of Ohio County West Va. Aug 22d 1877
	The last will and testament of Juliet Feay deceased late of Ohio
County West Va, bearing date the 24th day of February 1874, was this day
presented to me Robert B. Woods, Clerk of said court in my office for
probate and duly proved by the oaths of James White and Samuel Buchanan,
the subscribing witnesses thereto. Said will was thereupon admitted and
ordered to be recorded.  
                                     Teste   Robert B. Woods   Clerk