Will of William Roberts

Submitted by Phyllis Dye Slater.

Ohio County Will Book Book 3, page 421

In the name of God Amen: I William Roberts of the county of Ohio, State of Virginia, being old and infirm, but of sound mind, and disposing memory, (for which I thank God) and calling to mind the uncertainty of Human life, and being desirous to dispose of my worldy Estate, I give and bequest the same in the manner following; that is to say 1st I devise that my Executors, hereafter named, divide my books into four equal parts according to Value, between my three Daughters, Jane McConn, Abagail Hanna and Elizabeth Morrow and my Son in law Thomas Vanata.

2nd I will that my personal property on hand at my death, be sold and the proceeds of the same, together with any debts due me, or money on hand be equally divided between the above named four Legatees.

3rd I allow my farm to be appraised by three judicious and disinterested men, and sold to the best advantage, and the price of the place to be divided into four equal parts, between my son in law Thomas Vanata, and my three daughters as named above. Provided however the farm would not sell for something near its value I prefer it should be rented for a while, until it would sell it to better advantage. I allow the expenses of my funeral and whatever other legal claims may be preferred against my Estate to be liquidated. I do hereby appoint and request John Gilmore Esqr and Joseph Carson to act as Executors of this my last Will and Testament. And that they have full power to sell and Convey said real Estate. Revoking and annulling all former wills by me heretofore made Ratifying and Confirming this. In Testimony Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 9th day of August A.D. 1850.
William Roberts (seal)
W. T. Gilmor
Robt Gilmor

Virginia Ohio County Court May Term 1851
The Last Will and Testament of William Roberts deceased was presented in Court for Probate, Whereupon William T Gilmor one of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto, being sworn deposes and says. "To the best of his recollection Testator Wm Roberts did sign this paper in my presence, as his last Will and Testament he requested me to sign it, and I did sign it in his presence, I think Testator was of sound mind at the time. (signed) W. T. Gilmor"

Robert Gilmor another subscribing Witness to said Will being sworn deposes and says, "I signed the Will of Wm Roberts as a witness in his presence and at his request. I saw the Testator Sign the will and he acknowledged it to be his last Will and Testament .Testator was of sound mind at the time so far as I was able to judge. (signed) Robert Gilmor"
And thereupon the Court Considering the said Will fully proved the same is
Ordered to be recorded.
Test Jno McColloch Clk