Marshall County In World War I, 1914-1918

History Of Marshall County, W. Va.

by Scott Powell, 1925; pages 290-292.


Presented by Linda Cunningham Fluharty.


Delaney, Forest LeeWhorton, ElbertVarlis, George
Oliver, John T.Alexander, RalphJones, Albert I.
Gray, Austin E.Vandine, ChesterLancaster, Lawrence
Gray, John W.Calvert, George GraysonFrancis, Oliver Earl
Gray, JohnStaley, Earl.
Rodgers, Patrick J.Blake, William ThomasDobias, John
.Romano, Michael.
Fisher, Howard M.Durbin, Lester DelmoWilliams, John M.
Grim, JesseWilkinson, James R..
Hartley, Walter H. [R.]
Saner, Mike V.: Rosby's Rock
Mountain, Albert A.: McMechen
Fitzgerald, James R.: Elm Grove
Orum, John (PHOTO): Sherrard
Datzko, Mike: Glen Dale
Geho, David: Bellton
Nice, William H.: Moundsville
Tucker, SamuelShimp, JohnOffterdinger, William [Jr.]
.Wiblin, Joe S..
Logsdon, Alvin W.: McMechen
Crow, Lester: Glen Easton
Scott, Lester: Dallas
Green, Mathew (PHOTO): Wheeling, RFD 2
Lajek, Paul: Benwood
Baker, WilliamHill, Felix WarrenJones, Arthur W.
Bier, AlexanderWest, EdwardLeek, Charles
Gladys, PeterBonar, WilliamKimberly, Ralph
Gardner, LennieThack, JosephRomel, Louis
Magers, James E.Leek, OrangeMcSwain, Lester
Garrison, William N.Fox, ThomasMiller, Atlee H.
Gray, JohnJones, Arthur L.Bonar, David
Burley, Creston C.Myers, GeorgeSuhodalsky, Sam
Prochanzy, OldrichRush, Jesse LloydScroggins, Donald Skelton
.Safreed, Albert G..
Scully, William P.Parker, Thomas N.Wucelich, John
Krepelka, KarlVucelich, MichaelCarpenter, Lewis V.
Appoloni, SilveoGeogeline, Samuel [died].
Miller, EarlHoward, Leslie C.Amos, Jesse
Gunn, Ralph E.Anderson, C. E.Williams, John Maywood
Robinson, James L.Ingersoll, Talmage James.
Tribett, EarlWodiske, WilliamStrober, Henry Erit
Yates, William T.Richmond, William Q.Dombroskie, Leo
Rock Lick
Supler, John M.Bowers, Earl S..
Long, Lee A.Hill, MiltonDayton, Lindsey F.
Skiterelich, George: Boggs Run
Stern, Otis: Silver Hill
Hackenburg, William J: Wheeling, RFD 2
Weaver, Chas. H.: Delaware, OH
Decker, William: Bellaire, OH
Lowe, Ralph E: Glen Easton, Fort Screven
Yates, Pearl[e] R.: Benwood, Camp Lee
Logsdon, Francis Thomas: Moundsville, Camp Meade (obit: Thos. Francis)
Hanna, John: Moundsville, Camp Lee
Chambers, Slater: Cameron, Camp Meade
Eller, William T.: Moundsville, Great Lakes
Peoples, Guy: Cameron, Camp Sherman
Riggle, William Alfred: Dallas, Fort Screven
Robinson, Robert William: Sherrard, Fort Screven
Richmond, Elsworth: Dallas, Camp Lee
Turvey, Frank: McMechen, Morgantown
Courtwright, Walter C: Cameron, Fort Screven
Norrington, Paul: Moundsville, lost on Otranto
Hewitt, Jesse Bond: Moundsville, died at sea
Blake, Edward Leo: Benwood, lost on Cyclops
Hubbs, Roy Samuel: Glen Easton, lost on Otranto
Eller, William T: Cameron, RFD 2
Cook, Archie N: Benwood
Taylor, Curtis E: Silver Hill
Martin, Denver P: Mannington
Darman, Chester: Moundsville

Provided by Joanne Barrett; source not given.

Name, Rank, Company, Date of Death, Residence

  • CALVERT, George G., Pvt., Co H 314 Inf. Died Sep 3, 1918 - Moundsville.
  • CARTER, Morgan L., Pvt., Co B 102 Inf. Died Jul 23, 1918 - Moundsville.
  • CHAMBERS, Slater, Pvt., Co A 2 Dev Bn 155 Dep Brig. Died of Pneumonia Oct 9, 1918 - Cameron.
  • DOBIAS, John, Corp., Co B 3MG Bn. Died Oct 8, 1918 - Benwood.
  • ELLER, Wm. Herbert, Appr Seaman USNRF. D/o Influenza Oct 5, 1918, Naval Hosp., Gr. Lakes - Moundsville.
  • EVANS, James, Pvt., Co E 60 Inf. Died Oct 14, 1918 - Benwood.
  • HANNA, John D., Pvt., Co A 4 Bn Inf Repl. Died Oct 4, 1918 - Moundsville.
  • HARDMAN, Romeo F., Pvt., Tr D 8 Cal. Died Oct 10, 1918 - McMechen. [?]
  • LOGSTON, Alvin Wesley, Pvt., Hdq Co 5 Reg. Died Oct 20, 1918 - McMechen.
  • LOY, Jacob P., Pvt., Co F 26 Inf. Died Jul 20 __ - Moundsville.
  • MOUNTAIN, Albert A., Sgt., Co L 110 Inf. Died July 30, 1918 - McMechen.
  • OLIVER, Francis, Corp., Co H 30 Inf. Died Jul 15, 1918 - Moundsville. - [ERROR. This is probably Oliver "Earl" Francis, who died July 15, 1918. See obit. LCF]
  • STALEY, Earl, Pvt., Co E 145 Inf. Died of Pneumonia Oct 27, 1918 - Moundsville.
  • STEWART, George C., Pvt., Co A 111 Inf. Died Nov 4, 1918 - McMechen.
  • TURVEY, Frank, Pvt. Died Oct 12, 1918 - McMechen.
  • VAN DYNE, Arthur Chester, Pvt., Co K 26 Inf. Died May 27, 1918 - Moundsville.

    The WAR DEAD from this webpage are in a single list.
    The names in this list were VERIFIED by Linda Fluharty.



    NOTES (Not all-inclusive)

  • ALEXANDER, Ralph Laing - W. Va. State Archives Memory Project.
  • BAKER, John - Lived in Marshall County: (Source: Echo) "Mrs. Thomas Owens, of Second street, has received word that John Baker of this city was killed in action in France, November 3 (1918). He enlisted at Massilon, Ohio, the 18th of April, 1917, and was sent to Camp Sheridan, Ala., where he was in training for one year before going to the front......"
  • BAROVIC, Peter - (Source: Echo; courthouse honor roll; WV Division of Culture and History; burials of Greenlawn Cemetery) - [Pfc 111th Inf, 28 Inf Div; d 4 Nov 1918; buried Thiacourt, France.]
  • BENEDUM, Claude Worthington - (Source: Echo; WV Division of Culture and History) [Born 13 Jan 1898; s/o Michael L. and Sarah (Lantz) Benedum; lived in Cameron, Marshall County at the time of 1900 census; resided Washington, D.C. prior to enlistment and worked for US Gov as Laboratory Assistant Chemical Warfare. Parents established the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, a charitable organization, in honor of Claude W. Benedum, who died in World War I at the age of twenty. The Benedum Center in Pittsburgh is named for the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, due to the large donation to the Center. Source: Enlistment card, 1900 census & online bio by Linda Fluharty.]
  • CARTER, Morgan L., Pvt., Co B 102 Inf. Died Jul 23, 1918 - Moundsville; buried at Arlington.(source: WV Division of Culture and History Memory Project.)
  • CHAMBERS, HAROLD "HARRY" - (Source: Echo ""Harold Chambers of Bethany, formerly of Wayman's Ridge, is dead at Camp Lee of pneumonia." 1918.
  • DAVIS, Lewis - (Source: Echo) [Middle name Lester. Source: Enlistment card]
  • EARLIWINE, John Hughie - (Source: Echo; courthouse honor roll; burials of Greenlawn Cemetery) [B 15 Dec 1887, Knoxville, Marshall County, WV; employed at Rosby's Rock, Marshall County at enlistment; d 4 Nov 1918. Source: Enlistment card]
  • ELLER, William Herbert - (Source: Echo Obit) "The body of William Herbert Eller, who died of pneumonia complicated with spinal meningitis at the Great Lakes Naval Training... son of Friend Eller." Is this possibly William T. mentioned above, with the T. being an error in the book?
  • FOX, William - (Source: Echo Obit) "Private William P. Fox, whose death occurred in a military hospital in New York, shortly after his arrival from overseas..."
  • GARRETT, Rufus - (Source: WV Division of Culture and History Memory Project) US Army. Born Jan 16, 1897, s/o Joseph M. & Rosa. Died Sept 9, 1918 of pneumonia at Base Hospital, Camp Lee, Va. Buried at Palmer Cemetery, Wetzel County. - Culture & History says Marshall County, so this must be where he enlisted. No other connection to Marshall County is found.
  • GEOGELEIN, Samuel - (Source: Echo) Listed as wounded above.
  • GOODMAN, Lawrence Howard - (Source: Echo) Obit of Slater/Clater) Chambers. "Lawrence Goodman of Cameron recently died at Carnegie Technical school, Pittsburgh." S/o Louis Goodman of North Ave., Cameron.
  • GREEN, Matthew - (Source: WV Division of Culture and History Memory Project; obit "Echo") WWI Draft Registration Card indicates born May 29, 1894 in Greensburg, Pa., and employed at Wheeling Steel, Benwood. Address RD2 Wheeling, which was Union Dist. Marshall County, specifically Boggs Run per Memory Project. Served in American Expeditionary Forces. Died in France Sept 17, 1918.
  • HALE, Cas C. - (Source: Echo) Obit
  • HARDMAN, Romeo Freer - (Source: WV Division of Culture and History Memory Project) - The state list says "Community: McMechen" and "County: Ritchie." He was from Ritchie and is buried at Hardman Chapel Cemetery there. Did he ever live in Marshall County? [Note from Terry Lowry, Archives & History: "He lived in McMechen at the time he enlisted."]
  • HEDGES, Joseph - (Source: WV Division of Culture and History Memory Project, which cites obit in Echo)
  • HICKMAN, Delbert - (Source: WV Division of Culture and History Memory Project. Listed as living in Benwood. He was from Wood County.)
  • HOYT, John - (Source: WV Division of Culture and History Memory Project. Community, Proctor, Marshall County. ?)
  • HUNT, James - (Source: Echo) Gassed in WWI and died in 1922 as a result. Death certificate says he died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. ???
  • KELLER, Dwight - (Source: Courthouse honor roll; WV Division of Culture and History) [Middle name Lorain; born Newark, OH 24 Apr 1891; worked at B&O Railroad and and lived in Benwood, Marshall County at enlistment. Source: Enlistment card].
  • LOGSDON, Alvin Wesley - His tombstone spells his name as LOGSDON, not Logston - "Alvie Wesley Logsdon."
  • MACKEY, Alexander G. - (Source: Courthouse honor roll; WV Division of Culture and History)
  • MARTIN, Denver Pearl was a meat cutter in Cameron when he registered. He was born in Farmington.
  • NIOTIS, Manuel - (Source: Courthouse honor roll; WV Division of Culture and History - Born Italy; lived in Moundsville; d 6-20-1918)
  • NORRINGTON, Paul A. - Named in obit on this site & confirmed by WV State Archives Memory Project.
  • OFFTERDINGER, William - Obit on this site. Was living on Youngstown at time of enlistment, but from Moundsville.
  • PATTERSON, Charles Sylvester - The state shows this man for Marshall County. He was born in Ireland and served in the Canadian military and died. His sister lived in Bellton. Don't know if he ever lived in Marshall County but very possibly.
  • RAYBURN, Roderic - (Source: Echo.) "Roderick Rayburn and Westley Logston two members of the congregation who were killed in action in France." He was from Jackson County but worked at Wheeling Tube. Must have lived in Marshall or went to church there. Name on registration card is spelled RODERIC.
  • RIDDLE, Paul - (Source: Echo) Name is spelled Riddel in obit.
  • RIGGLE, Walter - (Source: WV Division of Culture and History) "Community: Cameron."
  • RIGGS, Lawrence Cullen Riggs, born Apr 12, 1890 at Woodland, WV (Woodlands Marshall County?); worked on a farm at Glen Easton, Marshall County at the time he registered for the draft. His home address was Morgantown. He died Sep 6, 1918 and is buried at Romagne-sous-Montfaucon, Departement de la Meuse, Lorraine, France.
  • RISOR, Walter - (Source: Courthouse honor roll; WV Division of Culture and History) [Born 27 Mar 1891; resided in Cameron but employed at Firestone Rubber in Akron, Ohio. Source: Enlistment card]
  • ROHR, Laco D. - (Source: WV Division of Culture and History Memory Project) - This man was born and raised in Gilmer County, but may have lived in Marshall County. [Note, 12/2014: Terry Lowry at the Archives & History says no connection to Marshall County.]
  • SCOTT, Lester W. - He is credited to Ohio County on the WV Archives Memeory Project but he lived in Dallas, Marshall County and is buried there.
  • SHARP, George - Joe Pariott has this name listed but no record found..
  • SHIPLEY, Robert Ronald - (Source: Echo) "He formerly lived in Moundsville."
  • SIBURT, Arthur Hampton - (Source: Echo) Registration card, with his signature, confirms spelling as Arthur Hampton Siburt.
  • VANDINE, Clarence W. - (Source: Article in Echo) [Born 24 Jun 1897 in Wetzel County; resided on Cypress Ave., Moundsville. Source: Enlistment card]
  • VARLAS, George - (Source: Echo Obit) "....George Varlas who formerly conducted a shoe shine parlor in Moundsville." WIBLIN, Joe S. - Obit on this site calls him Joseph. Also listed in Powell book. Draft Registration card indicates his name was Joe S. Wiblin, born in Newark WV, and employed as a dipper at U.S. Stamping in Moundsville. Residence was 1011 Washington Ave., Moundsville. Born May 31, 1896. Died Dec 18, 1918 in France. Buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Moundsville & listed on the plaque of WWI dead. His picture is on this site in the "Soldiers of the Great War" book.
  • WIRT, William H. - (Source: WV Division of Culture and History Memory Project) - A Sergeant in the US Army, he died of disease according to the book "Soldiers of the Great War," Vol. 3. But in Ohio Soldiers in WWII 1917-1918, Sergeant William H. Wirt, born in Dallas, WV and a resident of Akron, Ohio, was WIA Nov 8, 1918 and Honorably Discharged Nov 15, 1919. According to the Social Security Claims Index, this man, William Hugh Wirt, was born in Dallas, WV on Feb 3, 1895 and he died on Nov 18, 1940. On Nov 11, 1922 he married Frances Eleanor Gentner in Summit County, Ohio. His parents were Willis Wirt and Lina Bone. According to his WWI Draft Registration Card, this is the same man who was born in Dallas and was employed at Goodyear Rubber at the time of enlistment. - Opinion: The "Soldiers of the Great War" book has this wrong.

    MISCELLANEOUS: Joe Parriott has a WILLIAM GREEN in his list of Marshall County dead, 1918-1920. Don't know who that is... There was a William P. Green, who according to WWI Draft Registration card was born in Greensburg, Pa. on Dec 15, 1896, and was employed at Wheeling Steel, Benwood at the time of his registration. But this man did not die until Feb 20, 1934. He was in the 1920 census with his parents, both born in England. Father died in 1922. William, the soldier, had chronic nephritis, and was single when he died. Buried at McMechen Cemetery.

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