Mason County Births 1845

Name Sex Date of Birth Father Mother Place  Source Submitter
Clendenin, James Edward M 12 Apr 1845 Andrew Clendenin Rebecca (Edwards) Clendenin Pleasant Flats Hardesty's Biographical Atlas 1882 Web Mistress
Couch, Daniel III M 24 Mar 1845 James Henry Couch, Sr Helen Jane (Waggener) Couch Mason County   Web Mistress
Eckard, Mahala Elisabeth F 05 Jan 1845 Andrew Eckard Elizabeth Edkard Point Pleasant   Web Mistress
Hughes, DeKalb M 08 Jan 1845 Crab Creek   Web Mistress
Rickard, Mary Catherine F 19 Nov 1845 Joseph Rickard Sarah Roush Mason County  Family Records Suzie Crump
Thornton, William Henry M 23 Nov 1845 Isaac Thornton Mary A (L) (Smith) Thornton Mason County   Web Mistress
Waggener, Attarah Beall U 14 Aug 1845 Charles B Waggener Margaret Skilleen (Lewis) Waggener Edge Hill, Point Pleasant   Web Mistress


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