Mason County Births 1866

Name Sex Date of Birth Father Mother Place  Source Submitter
Allen, Harriet Lamsdale F xx xxx 1866 Hartford Web Mistress
Capehart, Mattie Ann  F 05 Jan 1866 George P Capehart Martha Ann (Somerville) Capehart Mason County Family Records Tom Lucas
Couch, Lewis Waggener M 29 Oct 1866 James Henry Couch Helen Jane (Waggener)Couch Mason County Web Mistress
Crump, William Henry  M 05 May 1866 Charles Crump Lusia America (Litchfield) Crump Mason County General Index and Register of Births, Mason Co, WV Suzie Crump
French, Harriett F xx xxx 1866 Robert French Harriett French Mason County   Web Mistress
Gardner, William H H M 27 Sep 1866 George Park Gardner Jane (McMaster) Gardner Pleasant Flats Family Records Judy Lock
Plants, George Thomas M 11 Oct 1866 Andrew Jackson Plants Eliza Ann (Roush) Plants Leon Web Mistress
Scies, Emory  M xx xxx 1866     Mason County   Web Mistress
Somerville, Elizabeth Blanche F 29 Oct 1866 Andrew J Somerville Mary Martha (Washington) Somerville Mason Family Records Tom Lucas
Stevens, James B M 05 Sep 1866 Hooper B Stevens Emily (Cochran) Stevens Guyan Creek   Web Mistress
Vickers, Annie F F 24 Jun 1866 Allen Ross Vickers Cinderella H (Thompson) Vickers Point Pleasant   Web Mistress
Whittington, Frances Elizabeth F 07 Jul 1866  Mathew A Whitington Emeline Whitington  Mason County General Index and Register of Births   Marsha Anderson
Zerkle, Mary Ellen  F 07 Aug 1866 John Zerkle Edith (MNU) Zerkle Mason County Family Records Tom Lucas

Mason County Births

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