Mason County Births 1871

Name Sex Date of Birth Father Mother Place  Source Submitter
Arnold, Susan F 18 May 1871 Clermont Elias Arnold Nancy Ann (Plants) Arnold Mason County   Web Mistress
Deem, Susan Mary F 16 Dec 1871 Point Pleasant Web Mistress
Kerwood, Araminta E  F 05 Jan 1871 Richard Kerwood D L Kerwood Waggener Twp General Index and Register of Births Mason County  Danita Smith
Layne, Theodosia F 07 Jul 1871 Jesse P Layne Anna (Roush) Layne New Haven   Web Mistress
Lieving, George F M 09 Apr 1871 Fredrick Lieving Mary Mulford (Yonker) Lieving Vernon   Web Mistress
Morrow, John W M 01 Jan 1871 Gideon H Morrow Mary Catherine (Shelines) Morrow Salt Creek   Web Mistress
Pickens, Sarah Margaret  F 18 Jun 1871 James Perry Pickens Mary Catherine (Rickard) Pickens Mason County Family Records Suzie Crump
Plants, Charles Melvin M 28 Jun 1871 Andrew Jackson Plants Eliza Ann (Roush) Mason County   Web Mistress
Vickers, Willie S M 25 May 1871 Allen Ross Vickers Cinderella H (Thompson) Vixkers Point Pleasant   Web Mistress

Mason County Births

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