Mason County Births 1875

Name Sex Date of Birth Father Mother Place  Source Submitter
Blessing, Charles Edgar M xx Apr 1875 Board   Web Mistress
Buxton, Horace Arthur M 06 Sep 1875 Darius Varney Buxton Sarah Samantha (Bradberry) Buxton Waterloo Web Mistress
Gerlalch, Harve M 30 Mar 1875 John Gerlach Dorothea (Shrumm) Gerlach Willowtree Post Office Web Mistress
Gibson, Joanna Kathryn F 03 Dec 1875 Norman Gibson Sophia Belle (McKeever) Gibson Henderson Web Mistress
Kerwood, Wm H  M xx Apr 1875 C W Kerwood Cynthia Kerwood Waggener District General Index and Register of Births Mason County    Danita Smith 
Layne, Joseph Andrew M 24 Feb 1875 New Haven   Web Mistress
Morrow, Nancy Jeanette F 11 Nov 1875 Gideon H Morrow Mary Catherine (Shelines) Morrow Salt Creek Web Mistress
Pickens, William Riley M 22 Feb 1875 James Perry Pickens Mary Catherine (Rickard) Pickens Cooper District Family Records Suzie Crump
Shank, Walter Brooks  M 13 Mar 1875     Mason County Family Records Tom Lucas 
Somerville, Francis Clayton  M 21 Jan 1875 William Robert Somerville Mary Elizabeth (Windon) Somerville Mason County Family Records Tom Lucas
Whittington, Harvey M 25 May 1875 Clark Whittington Nancy A Whittington Mason County General Index and Register of Births Mason County  Marsha Anderson
Whittington, S L F xx Mar 1875 M Whittington E Whittington Lewis District General Index and Register of Births Mason County Marsha Anderson

Mason County Births

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