Mason County Births 1879

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Ball, Gurty/Gerty E U 16 Aug 1879 James Robert Ball, Jr Fidelia (Hart) Ball Mason County Web Mistress
Gibson, Effie Oakley F 15 Oct 1879 Norman Gibson Sophia Belle (McKeever) Gibson Henderson Web Mistress
Morrow, Charles H M 14 Dec 1879 Gideon H Morrow Mary Catherine (Shelines) Morrow Salt Creek Web Mistress
Neal, Luella Frances  F 04 Nov 1879 Charles Neal Fannie (Gardner) Neal Mason County Obit 18 Dec 1967 Web Mistress
Neville, Barbara Allis  F 05 Aug 1879 Austin Neville Nancy Ann (LeMasters) Neville Ben Lomond Family Records Lois
Pullin, Mary Cornelia F 12 Oct 1879 George Washington Pullin Cornelia Ann (Middlecoff) Pullin Mason County Web Mistress
Schultz, Frank  M xx xxx 1879     Arbuckle Email Web Mistress
Shank, William  M 01 Jun 1879 Charles C Shank Martha Susan (Somerville) Shank Mason County Family Records Tom Lucas
Somerville, Eugene W M 05 Mar 1879 Mason County Web Mistress
Tillis, John Coulter M 30 Jan 1879 Peter White Tillis Viola Victoria (Gard) Tillis Arbuckle Web Mistress
Vickers, Rose F 29 Sep 1879 Allen Ross Vickers Cinderella H (Thompson) Vickers Point Plesant Web Mistress
Whittington, Sarah Ann F 26 Jun 1879 Clark Whittington Nancy Whittington Mason County  General Index and Register of Births Marsha Anderson


Mason County Births

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