Mason County Births 1882

Name Sex Date of Birth Father Mother Place  Source Submitter
Dowell, L R J  F 05 Oct 1882 Jno Dowell Emily Dowell Arbuckle District General Index & Register of Births, Mason Co, WV Marsha Anderson
Fowler, Winnie  F 01 May 1882 Richard Fowler Mother's name not given Clifton Family Records Tom Lucas
Gabbert, Nancy F 11 Nov 1882 Perry M Gabbert Mary Eliza (Somerville) Gabbert Mason County   Web Mistress
Greer, John William IV M 18 Sep 1882 Cooper District Web Mistress
Hughes, Nellie Bly F 05 May 1882 DeKalb Hughes Jane Ann (Bowen) Hughes Mason County   Web Mistress
Keefer, Henry M 12 Jun 1882 Robert Keefer Anna (Graham) Keefer Leon Web Mistress
Knopp, James Oscar M 25 Nov 1882 Jacob Charles Knopp Elizabeth Ellen (Sanders) Knopp Mason County Web Mistress
Morrow, Mary J F 12 Mar 1882 Gideon H Morrow Mary Catherine (Shelines) Morrow Salt Creek   Web Mistress
Tillis, Mary Margaret F 19 Nov 1882 Peter White Tillis Viol Victoria (Gard) Tillis Arbuckle   Web Mistress
Whittington, Ora B F 18 Jan 1882 C Whittington Nancy A Whittington Union District General Index and Register of Births Marsha Anderson
Williams, Victoria F 28 Dec 1882 General Washington Williams Nancy (Kimberling) Williams Mason County Family Records Miranda Emard

Mason County Births

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