Mason County Births 1885

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Ball, Thomas Isaac M 16 Nov 1885 Andrew Thomas Ball Martha Jane (Scarberry) Ball Letart   Web Mistress
Conrad, Ona M 22 Jun 1885 John Conrad Mary (Smith) Conrad Guyan Creek Web Mistress
Couch, Harry Edwin M 28 Apr 1885 John Richardson Couch Katherine Susan (Day) Couch Mason County   Web Mistress
Diehl, Herman Henry M 26 Apr 1885 Abraham Diehl Elizabeth (Mees) Diehl Mason City Web Mistress
Dowell, Annie  F 20 Dec 1885 Harry Dowell Caroline Dowell Arbuckle District General Index & Register of Births, Mason Co, WV Marsha Anderson
Fridley, Taylor Nimrod M 17 Feb 1885 Charles Fridley Amelia Love Flat Rock Web Mistress
Gibson, Zerrah Blaine M 20 Mar 1885 John William Gibson Cynthia Alifair (Blaine) Gibson Mason County   Web Mistress
Gray, Vergie Ethel F 1885 James Windon Gray Isabelle (Roush) Gray Mason County Web Mistress
Lyons, Nannie Lee F 14 Aug 1885 Michael Henderson Lyons Mary Eleanor (Gibson) Lyons Henderson Web Mistress
Morrow, Pearl F 04 Aug 1885 Gibeon H Morrow Mary Catherine (Shelines) Morrow Salt Creek   Web Mistress
Nease, George William  M 29 Sep 1885 Lincoln Curtis Nease Mattie Ann (Capehart) Nease Mason County Family Records Tom Lucas
Pierson, Grover Cleveland  M 04 Apr 188 John Jackson Pierson Rachel (Yauger) Pierson Leon   Merry Anne Pierson
Roush, Ada F 25 Oct 1885 Moses D Roush Lydia Roush Broad Run Obit 17 Mar 1980 Web Mistress
Schultz, Charles Grover Cleveland  M 01 May 1885     Arbuckle Email Web Mistress
Stover, Lillie E F 22 Jan 1885 George Stover Ella Stover Mason County Birth Index for STOVER Surname Mary Jo Dearing
Stover, Perry  M 15 Dec 1885 Daniel Stover Ella Stover Mason County Birth Index for STOVER Surname  Mary Jo Dearing 

Mason County Births

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