Mason County Births 1886

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Crump, John Reece  M 15 May 1886 Charles Crump Elizabeth Jane (Ford) Crump Arbuckle General Index and Register of Births, Mason Co, WV Suzie Crump
Diehl, Martha Mary F 20 Nov 1886 Abraham Diehl Elizabeth (Mees) Diehl Mason City   Web Mistress
Grimm, Barbara Mattox F 24 Mar 1886 Lewis Grimm Barbara (Mattox) Grimm Flat Rock Web Mistress
Gunn, Willie Mary F 19 Sep 1886 Captain William R Gunn Mary I (Butz) Gunn Mason County   Web Mistress
Hersman, Charles Oakley M 29 Oct 1886 James Matison/Madison Hersman Sarah Lieu Ella (Curry) Hersman Mason County Family Records Kim Haines
Hughes, Grover Cleveland M xx xxx 1886 DeKalb Hughes Jane Ann (Bowen) Hughes Mason County Web Mistress
Kapp, Julius Von M 27 Feb 1886 Kapp Ridge, Union District Web Mistress
Miller, Mary Lucy F 15 Feb 1886 Franklin Pierce Miller Electra Lodisa (Buxton) Miller Leon   Web Mistress
Nutter, Ethel May F 30 Oct 1886 Robert Edgar Nutter Lana (Gibson) Nutter Henderson Web Mistress
Patterson, Iva E  F 26 Aug 1886 Charles Patterson Eliza Patterson Gallipolis Ferry Obit 27 Mar 1982 Web Mistress
Pickens, Emma Francis F 03 Jun 1886 James Perry Pickens Mary Catherine (Rickard) Pickens Mason County Family Records Suzie Crump
Rollins, William Jackson M 29 Sep 1886 Hiram Rollins Sarah Rollins Letart   Web Mistress
Roush, Eva  F 24 Nov 1886 Thomas Edward Roush Mary Louise (Ball) Roush Mason County   Web Mistress
Sanders, Goldie Mable F 27 Nov 1886 William Albert Sanders Henrietta (Martin) Sanders Couch   Web Mistress
Somerville, Emma Lorena F 26 Apr 1886 Andrew Adolphus Somerville Laura S (Lewis) Somerville Mason County Family Records Tom Lucas
Stover, Lizzie  F 18 Jun 1886 Jas L Stover Christine Stover Cologne District Birth Index for STOVER Surname Mary Jo Dearing
Weaver, Lewis Ervin M 01 Feb 1886 Abraham Weaver Mary Catherine (Jewell) Weaver New Haven   Web Mistress
Williams, Lewis Allen  M 03 Apr 1886 General Washington Williams Nancy (Kimberling) Williams Mason County Family Records Miranda Emard
Zuspan, Ina Pearl  F 04 Mar 1886 Charles B Zuspan Anna Laura (Somerville) Zuspan Mason County Family Records Tom Lucas

Mason County Births

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