Mason County Births 1888

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Bletner, Christopher  M 10 Apr 1888 Edward Bletner Sr Elizabeth (Wolfe) Bletner Mason Obit 08 Feb 1980 Web Mistress
Couch, Trix C U 30 Apr 1888 John Richardson Couch Katherine Susan (Day) Couch Mason County   Web Mistress
Crump, Minnie  F  17 Aug 1888 John Henderson Crump Elizabeth (Forrest) Crump Mason County General Index and Register of Births, Mason Co, WV Suzie Crump
Gardner, Willis T M 05 Jan 1888 Point Pleasant Web Mistress
Gaskins, Park M xx Jul 1888 Samuel Reuben Alexander Gaskins Georgia (Fowler) Gaskins Pleasant Flats   Web Mistress
Gibson, Charles Fred M 22 Jan 1888 John William Gibson Cynthia Alifair (Blaine) Gibson Henderson   Web Mistress
Hesson, George Washington M 27 Jan 1888 James Hesson Annie (Roush) Hesson Mason County   Web Mistress
Johnson, Olga M  F 01 Feb 1888 Andrew Johnson Elmire (Edwards) Johnson Maggie Obit 19 Jul 1982 Web Mistress
Lyons, Harry C M 15 Oct 1888 Michael Henderson Lyons Mary Eleanor (Gibson) Lyons Henderson   Web Mistress
Miller, Warren M 30 Jul 1888 Franklin Pierce Miller Electra Lodisa (Buxton) Miller Leon   Web Mistress
Morrow, Rebecca V F 14 Feb 1888 Gideon H Morrow Mary Catherine (Shelines) Morrow Salt Creek   Web Mistress
Pickens, Allah Mae F 24 Jun 1888 James Perry Pickens Mary Catherine (Rickard) Pickens Mason County Family Records Suzie Crump
Reynolds, Thomas Jefferson M xx xxx 1888     Point Pleasant   Web Mistress
Smith, Bessie  F 31 Mar 1888 Wiley Smith Molly Smith Point Pleasant Obit Oct 1992 Web Mistress
Smith, George Delbert M 04 Mar 1888     Leon   Web Mistress
Stover, unnamed  M 08 Feb 1888 David H Stover Mary Ann (Rhodes) Stover Mason County Birth Index for STOVER Surname Mary Jo Dearing
Stover, Nancy Belle  F 15 Sep 1888 J H Stover Carrie Belle Stover Mason County Birth Index for STOVER Surname  Mary Jo Dearing 
Tillis, Nancy Kimberling F 10 Mar 1888 Peter White Tillis Viola Victoria (Gard) Tillis Arbuckle   Web Mistress
Williams, Luther P  M 03 Mar 1888 General Washington Williams Nancy (Kimberling) Williams Mason County Family Records Miranda Emard
Zuspan, Irl Goff  M 02 Sep 1888 Charles B Zuspan Anna Laura (Somerville) Zuspan Mason County Family Records Tom Lucas

Mason County Births

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