Mason County Births 1902

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Ball, Icy Lydia F 01 Jan 1902 William Michael Ball Gennora (Adkins) Ball Mason County   Web Mistress
Bechtle, Garland G  M 08 Nov 1902 John W Bechtle Virgie (Dabney) Bechtle Mason County Obit 02 Jan 1980 Web Mistress
Buxton, Earl M 12 May 1902 Horace Arthur Buxton Iva Lacerna (Stone) Buxton Arbuckle Road Web Mistress
Canterberry, Alice  F 29 Sep 1902 John Canterberry Lena Mae (Rogers) Canterberry Gallipolis Ferry Obit 02 Aug 1982 Web Mistress
Daugherty, Hughie M 18 Oct 1902 James Andrew Daugherty Emmiretta (Pickens) Daugherty Henderson Web Mistress
Dowell, ______ M 05 Mar 1902 L Dowell J Dowell Arbuckle General Index & Register of Births, Mason County Marsha Anderson
Dowell, Hattie F 30 Aug 1902 James Dowell (42) Mary (Beaver) Dowell (41) Beech Hill General Index & Register of Births, Mason County Marsha Anderson
Duncan, Charles P  M 25 Mar 1902 Albert Duncan Susan (Gardner) Duncan Mason County Obit 01 May 1982 Web Mistress
Eckard, Horton M 12 Oct 1902 Edward M Eckard Jennie B Eckard Mason County Web Mistress
Herdman, Mary Frances F 20 May 1902 Peter Herdman Nancy (Sayre) Herdman Mason County   Web Mistress
Hill, Ray  M 04 Jan 1902 David Ellis Hill Elizabeth (Newell) Hill Leon Obit 18 Mar 1982 Web Mistress
Kerwood, Stella May  F 07 Dec 1902 Harry Kerwood Artie Kerwood Spillman General Index & Register of Births, Mason County  Danita Smith
Nutter, James Curtis M 06 Nov 1902 Robert Edgar Nutter Lana (Gibson) Nutter Henderson   Web Mistress
Smith, Sophaleen Irene F 12 Jan 1902 John Monroe Smith Lillian Loeta (Gibson) Smith Henderson   Web Mistress
Stover, Ethel   F 18 May 1902 Daniel Stover Anna Stover Tribble Birth Index for STOVER Surname  Mary Jo Dearing
Stover, Freddie A  M 15 Jun 1902 J H Stover Lora Stover Hickory Birth Index for STOVER Surname   Mary Jo Dearing 
Stover, Ira E  M 10 Apr 1902 Emery Stover Ora Stover Pond Lick Birth Index for STOVER Surname Mary Jo Dearing
Sturgeon, Russell Carl M 02 Nov 1902 Julis Sturgeon Loretta Sturgeon Ashton   Web Mistress
Wedge, Joseph  M 08 Feb 1902 John Ira Wedge Rosa Jane Wedge Creston Obit 18 Mar 1982 Web Mistress

Mason County Births

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