Mason County Births 1903

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Austin, Anna  F 06 Apr 1903 Earl Brady Austin Virginia Lee Bates Henderson Obit 12 Oct 1982 Web Mistress
Batterson, Stella E  F 20 Jun 1903 Elmer Batterson Alice (Duncan) Batterson Mason Obit Oct 1995 Web Mistress
Blackwood, Edwin Neale M 30 Apr 1903 Charles Kenton Blackwood Margaret Lewis (Neale) Blackwood Ben Lomond   Web Mistress
Dewees, Nona Agnes F 19 Nov 1903 Joshua Andrew Dewees Mary Jane (Smith) Dewees Mason County Web Mistress
Dowell, J P R B M 04 Sep 1903 J M Dowell Emily Dowell Cologne District General Index & Register of Births, Mason County Marsha Anderson
Dowell, Leonard E M 09 Oct 1903 Geo A Dowell Nancy B Dowell Southside General Index & Register of Births, Mason County Marsha Anderson
Edwards, Jennet Elizabeth F 02 Jul 1903 Mason Web Mistress
Fisher, Josie E  F 11 Aug 1903 William Fisher Sarah Viers Southside Obit 13 Apr 1982 Web Mistress
Grinstead, Thomas Oscar M 13 Jun 1903 Richard A Grinstead Susan Elizabeth (Roush) Grinstead Broad Run Web Mistress
Hersman, William Russell  M 23 Apr 1903 James Matison/Madison Hersman Sarah Lieu Ella (Curry) Hersman Point Pleasant Family Records Kim Haines
Hoffman, John Russell  M 26 Aug 1903 Edward W Hoffman Mae (Cunningham) Hoffman Letart Obit 18 Dec 1967 Web Mistress
Kerwood, Carl  M 30 Sep 1903 Ed C Kerwood Katie Kerwood Waggener Dist General Index & Register of Births, Mason County  Danita Smith 
King, Willie Leonard M 15 May 1903 Jep King Clara Margaret (Baker) King Gunville Ridge   Web Mistress
Lieving, Hervin A M 19 May 1903 Frank B Lieving Lorena C (Hart) Lieving Graham Station   Web Mistress
Pike, Marie A  F 10 Jan 1903 George W Pike Sarah Elizabeth 'Lizzie' (Sharp) Pike Glenwood Family Records Sharon Pike
Plants, Adelia Marie F 22 Dec 1903 Theodore Hayes Plants Mary Susan (McKinney) Plants Mason County   Web Mistress
Roush, Dallas Victor M 01 Apr 1903 Thomas Edward Roush Mary Louise (Ball) Roush Mason County   Web Mistress
Smith, Helen Freda F 19 Feb 1903 William Smith Sylvia N (Casto) Smith Leon   Web Mistress
Stover, William E  M 27 Mar 1903 S P Stover Mary B Stover Union District Birth Index for STOVER Surname Mary Jo Dearing
Wray, Ward E  M 26 Jul 1903 Wilson Wray Linnie (Cain) Wray Mason Co Obit Feb 1995 Web Mistress

Mason County Births

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