Mason County Births 1916

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Austin, Marjorie Louise F 13 Jul 1916 Arthur Park Austin Maude Ann Rhoades Henderson   Web Mistress
Bell, Edith Lorena F 02 Feb 1916 Perry Pius Bell Lora Blanche Roberts Point Pleasant Web Mistress
Buxton, Charles Perry M 17 Dec 1916 Horace Arthur Buxton Iva Laverna Stone Arbuckle Road Web Mistress
Carlyle, Frank M  M 10 Jul 1916 Earl Carlyle Velma (Robert) Carlyle Mason County Family Records Suzie Crump
Cottrill, Claire Ona F 14 Dec 1916 Caleb Harland Cottrill Rosa Maude Pickens Thomas Ridge Family Records Suzie Crump
Craig, Alvin Lawrence M 23 Dec 1916 Web Mistress
Crump, Florence Helen F 07 Aug 1916 John R Crump Sarah Elizabeth Jones Southside Family Records Suzie Crump
Dowell, ______ M 04 Feb 1916 John Dowell Emma Dowell Leon Index & Register of Births, Mason Co, WV Marsha Anderson
Gerlach, Alberta Josephine  F 02 Jan 1916 Alberto Gerlach Emma (Thornton) Gerlach Mason County Obit 25 Oct 2003 Web Mistress
Goodnite, Muriel F 29 Jun 1916 Charlie Goodnite Ruth (Roush) Goodnite Mason County Obit Feb 1995 Web Mistress
Goodwin, Robert T  M xx xxx 1916     Point Pleasant Obit Sep 1995 Web Mistress
King, George Edward  M 20 Mar 1916 Roy King Adda (Graham) King Arbuckle Obit 10 Jul 1982 Web Mistress
Leonard, Leland Joseph M 12 Mar 1916 John Robert Leonard Doris (Taylor) Leonard Gallipolis Ferry Family Records Bessie Ann (Leonard) Fawley
Machir, Harry Cliford M 06 Dec 1916 Harry Machir Cyrena Edwards Robinson District   Web Mistress
Mossman, Elmore Somerville  M 06 Jan 1916 Elmore James Mossman Jessie Clyde (Somerville) Mossman Point Pleasant Family Records Tom Lucas
Mullens, Marvin M M 10 Mar 1916 Francis William Mullens (Obit says Mr. and Mrs.) Point Pleasant Obit 17 Oct 1978 Web Mistress
Neville, James Kenneth M 04 Oct 1916 James E Neville May L (Roberts) Neville Mason County Family Records Lois
Pearson, John Clifford  M 01 Dec 1916 John A Pearson Addie M (Straight) Pearson Point Pleasant Obit 16 Aug 1982 Web Mistress
Pearson, Landis W  M 06 Jan 1916 Oden W Pearson Esther (Austin) Pearson Gallipolis Ferry Obit 21 Sep 1992 Web Mistress
Pike, Living F 11 Jan 1916 George W Pike Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Sharp) Pike Glenwood Family Records Sharon Pike
Rice, Harold Burton M 18 May 1916 Virgil Oran Rice Ora Edythe Jones Point Pleasant   Web Mistress
Roseberry, Cecil B  M 22 May 1916 Charles Roseberry Altha (Hawkins) Rosaeberry Mason County Obit 27 May 2003 Web Mistress
Sherman, Anna Louise  F 19 Aug 1916 Sardine L Sherman Sadie (Young) Sherman Mason Obit 27 Jul 1992 Web Mistress
Tillis, Marjorie Edith F 23 Nov 1916 John Coulter Tillis Alma Miller Arbuckle   Web Mistress
VanMeter, Josephine A  F 15 Apr 1916 Harry VanMeter Maud Stewart Clifton Obit May 1995 Web Mistress
Wolfe, Beulah Mae  F 13 Mar 1916 Lawrence P Wolfe Lydia (Roush) Wolfe Mason County Obit May 1995 Web Mistress

Mason County Births

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