Robinson District, Mason County, West Virginia

The Alexander Long Cemetery is located at the back of the new women's correctional facility being built adjacent to Lakin State Hospital. At one time it was visible from the highway (Route 62N) on a grassy knoll in the midst of a meadow and surrounded by an eight foot fence. Fearing that the prison would eventually render the area nearly inaccessible, we drove out there on a Sunday in June, 2002, and walked to the cemetery via the perimeter of the prison and Lakin Hospital. The back of the prison is surrounded by high chain link fence topped with razor wire, but we believed that the huge hickory tree that we could see over the top of the building was the cemetery. We skirted the fence until we were clear of it, and there was the cemetery on a small hill of tall grass with the old hickory in the middle. The cemetery is surrounded on three sides by the fence of the prison and open only to the fields behind the prison on the side facing away from the highway. Apparently the original eight foot fence is no longer in place.

Many of the grave markers that were recorded in the original Mason County Cemetery Inscriptions and Records are no longer present. A few markers are in very good condition, but the majority that remain are so worn as to be unreadable. The most imposing marker is that of Alexander Long. His marker is a tall obelisk at the top of the hill directly under the hickory tree. We were particularly hoping to find the grave of Alexander's father, Philip Long Jr.

Philip Long Jr. was the son of Philip Long Sr., Revolutionary War soldier serving with George Rogers Clark, and Elizabeth Arey. Philip Jr. was born 29 June 1777 at Fort Long in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He died ca 1826 in Mason County. It is believed that his wife Mary Hay, daughter of Alexander Hay, may also be buried in this cemetery. Mary's sister Barbara Hay married Jonas Long, a brother to Philip Jr., who also settled in Mason County in Clendenin District. Another brother was Adam Long. He settled in the Southside area of Mason County and many of his descendants are buried at Harmony Church. A fourth brother, Nathan, also came to Mason County.

Lora Long, b. 1871 d. 28 Dec 1886. Daughter of James Morgan Long and America S Darnell. James Morgan Long was Alexander Long's son.

Melita Long, b. 07 Jan 1878 and d. 1896. Daughter of James Morgan Long and second wife Mary Frances Hogg.

James Morgan Long, b. 22 Dec 1845 d. 29 Nov 1891. Large marker to the right of the photo with 'Long 'inscribed on the bottom

James L Johnson. Marker is unreadable except for the James and the Johnson. Mason County cemetery records indicate he was the son of a Jeremiah Hamilton Johnson and Caroline Long. Caroline was a daughter of Alexander Long. James b. 28 Jun 189 and d. 19 May 1867.


Sarah C Sanders, wife of Thomas F Sanders. D. 26 Mar 1878 age 35 years, 11 month, 23 days.




Sarah C Johnson, wife of James M Long. b. 22 Aug 1848 d. 12 Nov 1880. Sarah Catherine was a daughter of Alexander Long. According to Mason County death records, she died from consumption.


America Long, wife of James M Long. b. 1849 in Kanawha County VA/WV, a daughter of Peter and Penelope Darnell. America died 18 Jun 1875 at the age of 26 years, 5 months, 18 days. According to Mason County death records, she died of consumption.




Unknown Marker

There were a few unreadable markers and one overturned face down and buried into the soil. The remainder of those who may or are supposed to be buried in this cemetery for whom we could not find markers include:

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