Arrington - Long Cemetery 

This Cemetery is located at Gallipolis Ferry, WV, on the property of John and Rick Gills. So if you are interested in seeing this cemetery, you need to contact the owner of the property. The pictures and information are from Rebecca Withrow Thomas.

Looking back toward Route 2 South from the cemetery, which is located in a grove of thin locust trees overlooking the river bottom in Gallipolis Ferry, WV.

Fallen trees, some large, and overturned stones are covered by hundreds of day lilies. Only a handful of markers are still standing.

Headstone of Nancy Dudley Long

Isaac Long (1836-1838)age 2 years, 5 months, 11 days, son of Gideon Long and Nancy Dudley.



Philip Arrington (1864-1895) age 30 years, 11 months, 18 days, son of Josiah Arrington and Elizabeth Long


Adam Arrington, age 2 years, __months, 9 days


Elizabeth Long Arrington (1836-1872) Wife of J Arrington Daughter of Gideon Long and Nancy Dudley


Minnie L Mayes, died Jan 24, 1891, age 8 years, 5 months, 1 day, daughter of James J and M C Mayes


C/G H Williams, 4th WV Infantry. Date of death 1910


Deborah, wife of Christopher Berrenger. She died Nov. 15, 1848, age 27

"Almost all of the stones are lying flat on the ground. I understand from a neighbor down there that some kids got into the area and overturned the stones some time back. We scraped and turned to find what we found, and I took pictures. I understand that the cemetery was under water during the flood of '37 and some of the bodies were moved to Lone Oak after that, but I do not know which ones.
My husband is a descendant of Philip Long, Revolutionary War soldier, of the Shenandoah Valley. His son Jonas purchased 645.5 acres of land from Charles Lewis in Mason County in 1808. Jonas' son Gideon and wife Nancy Dudley lived here for a time, then Nancy went to Missouri after Gideon's death. She returned during the Civil War, leaving sons James and Jonas in Missouri, but bringing Josiah Arrington and her daughter Elizabeth Long Arrington and her son Philip E. "Thin Ned" Long and others with her. Philip apparently inherited much of the property. He married Amanda Burgess, and his son Philip E. Jr. was my husband's grandfather. Carroll's mother's maiden name is Long. I feel sure that there are more markers that we simpley could not find. Philip Long, Sr. and Amanda Burgess are supposed to be in this cemetery, but we could find no markers with their names. Gideon Long should also be here. There is a possibility that these were among some of those that were moved, but family members do not believe that is the case. The only one that we know for sure that was moved was Jonas Long."
- Rebecca Withrow Thomas.


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