Blain Cemetery

"My Amazing Aunt Lillian Dabney Moore, age 81, great-granddaughter of ZTJ, hiked up the steep hill with us to find Blain Cemetery! She has had her back fractured four times and has given birth to 8 kids!" -Betty Bower

Located on Crab Creek Road to where road forks to Five Mile near Mt. Zion Church.

Click on the name to see the pictures. Italics are Betty's comments from the back of the pictures.

Blain, Amanda, wife of ZTJ Blain, Died June 12, 1876, Aged 39 ys 6 mo 21 ds (This stone was lying on the ground) (mother of ZTJ's ten children/My great-great grandmother B.)

Blain, Double Stone

Blain, Cloyd son of Charles E and Angeline Blain Born Nov. 5, 1903 Died Aug. 11, 1905 Age 21 ms

Blain, Earl L Sept. 23, 1895 Oct. 4, 1918 (Son of Sterling Price Blain age 23 years "I wonder if Earl was killed in WWI)

Blain, Double Stone

Blain, Double Stone

Blain, Judd, Born July 23, 1895 Died Nov.29, 1898, son of S R and Anna (Who are SR & Anna? Age 3 years, Records say d. Dec 20, 1898)

Blain, Silvey Sylvia Chandler Wife of W H Blain, Died Feb 1867, 59 yrs 2 ms 5ds (Mother of ZTJ, My great-great-great grandmother. B.)

Blain, Double Stone, Dying is but going home

Blain, Wilbur J 1909 - 1923 The Angels Sang A Welcome (Son of Hugh D Blain, d. age 14 years was kicked by a horse)

Blain, William Henry, Died Dec 20, 1862, (age 65 years, Possibly 1867, Father of ZTJ, Wm Henry Blain, My great-great-great grandfather B.)

Blain, Zerah Tinker Judd Oct. 13, 1827, Apr. 20, 1912 Asleep In Jesus ('Zerry' to friends and family, age 84 years) (My great-great grandfather B.)

Blaine, Infant daughter of Clarence Elwood and Kate Lockhart, March 23, 1916 (C E 'Bud' was son of Charles Albert Blain)

Burns, Esther Slayton, wife of James Burns, died Jan. 18, 1881, Aged 30 ys 5 ms

Chandler, Charles WE HOPE TO MEET AGAIN, died Mar 20, 1863 ((Age illegible) Father of Silvey)

Daigh (Deigh), Hugh (brother of Amanda Daigh Blain? 1856-1935)

Decker, Luella Frances Blain 1855 - 1935 (Eldest daughter of ZTJ and Amanda D Blain)

Denney, Dortha wife of S Denney, Died Sep. 26, 1894, Aged 75 (could she be Martha Denney's mother?)

Halfhill, ABBY daughter of J W & E J HALFHILL, (1878-1902, age 24 years)

Halfhill, E J wife of John W Halfhill, Jan 3, 1844, Jan 26, 1905

Halfhill, LIBBY daughter of J W & E J HALFHILL, Died Dec. 23, 1882, Aged 15 ys 10 mo 26 ds

Litchfield, Rebecca, wife of L L Litchfield, died Dec. 7, 1860, Age 30 yrs, __ ms 22 ds (Daughter of Wm H and Sylvia Blain and sister of ZTJ)

Sayre, Patricia, Sept 29, 1944, Dec 25, 1944 (I wonder whose precious baby this was - just 3 months old)

Slayton, ALMINA, wife of Luther Slayton, Died Dec. 16, 1867, Aged 60 ys 5 m 19 d, Meet me in heaven

Slayton, ISAAC son of D W and Mary Slayton, died Sept. 27, 1869, age 6 ms

Slayton, Mary wife of D W Slayton, Died May 24, 1893, Aged 69 ys 8 ms __Ds, A true and loyal companion

Unknown (This stone was just leaning against a tree. Apparently the baby's name was Hereford, but I couldn't make out to whom he belonged, no whether the year of death was 1820 or 1920. This one is not on the Blain(e) cemetery list, nice stone, tho:) See my notes under the picture, Suzie

Unknown (Not a clue!) (Isn't this sad?) There are three pictures on this page. There is nothing additional shown in the pictures either, Suzie




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