Creed T Wray Cemetery

Ashton. WVA

Located on Randal McCarty property deep in the woods. Ashton, WV, left on Ashton-Upland Road (3 to 4 miles) to Mt. Olive Road, left. The road "T"s at this point and the Randal McCarty property is off to the left. You must ask at this point. A stream runs through the property and is deeper just in front of where the log cabin sat. Also beside the stream was a hand dug well and a piece of metal machinery pulled over top of it to prevent an accident. That is how I can find the location, by finding the machinery. Almost no one knows about the cemetery today. A hill goes up to a cave. It is part way up this hill the 5 gavesites are located. Only 2 were readable. One appeared to be a baby's grave. Burial site was directly behind the cabin.


Josiah Taylor dates not visable (Lucy had a brother Josiah Taylor)

Lucy wife of Creed T. Wray died Aug 14 1883 77y7m18da (born Dec. 27, 1805)

Beside Lucy's tombstone which was readable (we have photos taken in 1978) is a small sandstone with the initials C.T. visable. It was no longer there in the year 1999.

It was quite a walk (in 1978) to get to the cemetery and homestead. Randal McCarty owned the land at that time. His wife, Louise Wray from William T. (Bub) Wray line. His sons own it in 2001. In 1999 the cows had nearly destroyed the cemetery. It takes a guide to find it, very hidden.

Pictures and narrative submitted by: Sherry Wray


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