Pine Grove M E Church
Southside, WV
The Pine Grove Methodist Episcopal Church was established in 1878. The land for the church was donated by William Poffenbarger with the stipulation that if one year would pass with no services being held, the land would revert back to his heirs. The church was built by the community and was originally made of hand hewn logs measuring up to twenty-two inches wide and thirty-five to forty feet long. The picture of the outside of the church below appears to be one of the last pictures taken of this church. The bell from the bell tower now hangs in the Beech Hill United Methodist Church. It was purchased from the K & M Railroad and is thirty-two inches across and has a two and one-half inch rim.

Inside the church, the pulpit and the pews were had made. beside each window was pewter colored oil lamp with reflectors and hanging from the ceiling were two oil chandelers. There was also a fabulous old pump organ which made beautiful music you can see it in the picture below.

The property around the church was bought up be the government to make up the Chief Cornstalk Public Hunting and Fishing Area. The cemetery was purchased by The Pine Grove Cemetery Association and the lot where the church stood reverted back to Mrs Herbert Henderson who was William Poffenbarger's heir.

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Suzie Crump
Pine Grove Cemetery

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