Pioneer Cemetery
Viand and Ninth Streets
Point Pleasant, WV
The sign reads:
DR JESSE BENNETT grave and home (1/2 mile W) of Dr Jesse Bennett whose Caesarean operation on his
wife 1794 was the first in America. Bennett colonel of Virginia Militia 1804-1814 refused to aid Blennerhassett Burr in their ambitious plan
Some of those buried at Pioneer Cemetery:
Bennett, Elizabeth Hogg 1769-1829
Bennett, Dr Jesse Sacred to the Memory of Dr Jesse Bennett, Born in Frankford, Philadelphia Co., Pa. July 22nd A.D. 1769 Died July 22nd A.D. 1842, Aged 73 years & 12 days he was a faithful Friend and an affectinat Husbend
Brown, Ethan
Brown, Matilda
Cain, Infant son of D and M A Cain born and died Sept. 10, 1813
Capehart, Frank 1851-1866 (son of James and Margaret)
Capehart, James 1797-1769
Capehart, James I
Capehart, Margaret 1845-1854
Capehart, Margaret A Born December 13, 1814 Died October 10, 1855 She was a tender mother And in her life the Lord did ____ We trust our loss is Heaven's gain And that with Christ she has gone to reign (b. Henrico Co. to Daniel and Sarah Couch)
Couch, Infant son of D and K E Couch born and died August 10, 1813
Couch, Sarah R Born Oct. 4, 1843, Died Mar. 5, 1846 Per Mason County Cemetery Inscriptions also Couch, William F Sept. 17, 1815 died Mar. 12, 1816 (ch of D and K E Couch)
Darst, Andrew R
Darst, Mahala Curry
Dawson, Mary C 1857-1937
Dennis, Laura S Eldest dau of A & A J Dennis Died April 2, 1877 Aged 27 Yrs
Franklin, J Will 1865-1926
French, William
Gibbs, Hannah W Born Mar 10, 1833, Died May 19, 1834 (She is not listed in the cemetery book - there appears to be something missing off the top of her stone)
Gibbs, Isaiah W Born April 10, 1833 Died May 13, 1884
Gilmore, John C
Gilmore, John R Sep 18, 1848-Dec 6, 1891
Godley, Wliza Jane Roseberry
Godley, Martin
Holloway, William Hanley son of Jas. H and E A, born Dec. 15, 1861, died June 18, 1862
Hughes, Mary C 1848-1904
Kimberling, Ada C daughter of E & M C Kimberling died July 17, 1855 (age 2-0-5 Elijah and Margaret)
Kimberling, Alice H 1849-1911
Kimberling, Elijah born January 25, 1809, died February 15, 1881 (High Sheriff of Mason County 1852; many years clerk of County Court)
Kimberling, Margaret S (Jones) born January 29, 1821, died July 31, 1893
Machir, Harriett F 1769-1829 (Harriett Fowler Bennett Machir)
Machir, Joseph S 1813-1873 (with Masonic emblem)
Miles, Mary Smith wife of R L Miles Died Jan 2, 1873, aged 40y, 10m, _d
Miller, Abram Died Nov. 22, 1847, Aged 18 yrs 4 mo & 17 days
Minturn, Clara dau. of L T & C died July 28, 1853 (1855) 1 yr. 6 mo.
Minturn, Frederick
Minturn, George W
Minturn, James C
Minturn, Laura
Minturn, William Weimer
Morgan, Samuel Died Feb. 25, 1846, Aged 7 mo. & 9 da.
Roseberry, Flora Cree
Roseberry, John Michael
Roush, Ann Maria Tullar wife of M G Roush Died Sept 19, 1850 Aged 23 Years 9Ms 22 Ds (her husband Moses G Roush)
Roush, Loran Balzar
Smith, Lewis Nelson born April 5, 1859, died May 18, 1859
Smith, Mary born March 15, 1858, died March 17, 1858
Smith, Olevia born March 1, 1856, died June 20, 1856
Stribling, George Wm born April 9, 1802, died October 29, 1851
Stribling, Infant daughter of T & M L Stribling, born Sept. 23, 1862 Not lost but gone before
Stribling, Mary King "Memory of Mary King Consort of George W Stribling. She was born Sept. 10, 1802 and after years of suffering and affliction born with patience, died Aptil 15, 1843 in hope of that rest which remains for the faithful beyond the grave."
Stribling, Nannie Tate "In memory of Nannie Tate daughter of T & M L Stribling Born Feb. 6, 1868 Died Sept 15, 1868"
Thomas, Lavenia Tuller Minturn
Thompson, Cinderella H 1847-1917 Mother (In Loving Memory of)
Tuller, Maria Minturn
Vickers, Allen Ross 1845-1921 Father &
Vickers, Charles A
Vickers, Cora L
Vickers, Willie S
Waggener, Andrew Chapman
Waggener, Attarah Beall


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