Tombstones at Pioneer Cemetery



Allen Ross Vickers
Cinderella H Thompson  
Abram Miller   Mary Smith Miles




Gilmore, John C
Gilmore, John R
   Laura S Dennis



Alice H Kimberling  Clara Minturn 


Ethan Brown
Matilda Brown 
 Kimberling, Elijah
Kimberling, Margaret S (Jones)




Frank Capehart (south side of momument)
Margaret A Capehart (west side of momument)
James Capehart (east side of momument)
Margaret Capehart (north side of momument)
Olivia Smith   George William Stribling

Infant Daughter Stribling  William Hanley Holloway

 Mary C Hughes
J Will Franklin

 Mary C Dawson


 Infant son of D and M A Cain

Children of Wm and Nannie Smith


 Sarah R Couch

 Infant son of D and K E Couch

 Samuel Morgan

 Mary King Stribling Elizabeth Hogg Bennett 

 I don't know if this is Elizabeth's old stone broken up or pieces on someone elses tombstone, I did not have any thing with me to dig the pieces up to look at them. Harriett F & Joseph S Machir 

 Ann Maria Tullar wire of M G Roush Footstone for Ann Maria Tullar lying between her headstone and George Wm Stribling 

 Nannie Tate Stribling Ada C Kimberling 

 Isaiah W Gibbs Hannah W Gibbs 

Pioneer Cemetery


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