Heights extended from the present flood wall above Fourteenth Street and included all territory along the Ohio River and Marietta Manufacturing plant, also from present Camden Avenue, along Jefferson and to 23rd Street in what is now Point Pleasant. Its jail was in an old outbuilding near the "Senator Shinn" home, being the home built by SAMUEL FRANKLIN LUTTON, the first mayor, and where his children were born. Second Mayor was WILL SELBY, WILL RHODES was a policeman and JIMMY MARSH was the lamplighter. A dirt road between the railroad track and river terminated at a brick street at present 14th Street.

LIZZIE ZUSPAN (died 1936) and BERTHA ZUSPAN (died 1958) ran the post office first located near Heights United Methodist Church, then moved to corner of North Main and Popular Streets.

Harmon Park was used for football, baseball games, carnivals, site of fireworks displays, special church meetings. The youth center and swimming pool now occupy the land.

The West Virginia Malleable Iron was its largest business firm being incorporated in 1902 where all kinds of castings were produced. Side tracks from the B&O ran by the whole length of the plant. GRANT and TOM SELBY, FRANK MCDANIEL and WALDO MILLER were among the employees in the foundry.

The B&O water tower was nearby where trains got water for their engines.

The four story brick Equity Milling Company built 1888 was its oldest enterprise, had its own side tracks and boat landing. It brought grain from the farmers, made and sold flour.

Waldie Lumber Company carried all supplies necessary for construction. Delivery was by horse and wagon. Owners were WILLIAM J., STANLEY and THOMAS WALDIE. It was adjacent to Malleable Iron, went out of business in 1945.

Sebrell Store Building still stands on the corner of Upper Main Street and 1900 block. Sebrells sold out in 1930, and the tile building is used for storage by the city of Point Pleasant.

MRS. BYRD BROWN and MRS. FANNIE MAUPIN later were store owners. Also the "Red Onion" restaurant run by the AEIKER family occupied the building first used as a post office . Behind Sebrell Store between the alley and railroad plans had been made for construction of a theater.

Heights United Brethren Church (Now Height's United Methodist Church) was the only church in the area. SAM LUTTON SR., was first charter member. Later several small homes were purchased, dismantled and large parking lot made.

P. P. BELL (of Grantsville) had a store in this area, then JOE FLOWERS who sold dry goods and jewelry, followed by SAM LUTTON, JR. who sold groceries, the first store to sell boneless hams and lamb casing wieners. It later became a dwelling. "BLINK" VARIANT ran a restaurant, buying from P. H. BRADSHAW, then followed by "RAGS" CLENDENIN. A barber shop in the same building was run by RAPPORT KAYSER, then HOY PULLINS and WIRT LOVE.

W. O. ROSEBERRY owned a pool room and restaurant across from the church. MERT DUFF ran a barber shop. JOHN and WALDO MILLER ran Miller's Feed store (now dismantled).

Going towards the Marietta Plant north GEORGE O. CHILDS (county surveyor) ran a grocery on the right side (frame building) FREDA LUTTON was a clerk.

Heights first schoolhouse was a two story frame and was below the Marietta Plant, on the left side of the road. Among students were EVERETT LUTTON, DORSEL FISHER and OSCAR KNOPP.

Going east on 22nd Street. Heights depot was a small train stop to pick up freight or passengers. REUBEN KNOPP put the mail on the hook for pickups. Next train Stop was York Station (opposite the present Airport road) where passengers boarded and produce was loaded.

OKEY BLAGG owned a store on present Oak Street.

Two buildings below the train stop before Monroe Avenue. One was the old M. E. Church, later used by the Mission to house children before building on Lincoln Avenue. The second was used by L L CALDWELL as a feed store, then OTTIE MCKINNEY and "LUM" RAINEY as a produce store. The Daughters of America Lodge met in one of the buildings for a short while.

ROBERT "RED" CRUMP's (your Webmaster's father) home sits on the site of the PETE WALLACE Laundry. Before 22nd Street was laid out a dirt road was behind his home and ran through the field, under a trestle to the Marietta Plant. The road was rerouted when Madison Avenue was made. Above the trestle was swamp land.

PERRY BELL had a store on 22nd and Lincoln in the 20's. It saw many owners, finally became a church, which is now torn down.

Heights School was a two story concrete diagonally across from Bell Store, built about 1910. A modern building now stands. Several homes on Lincoln and Jefferson were torn down for the playground.

J. D. POWELL owned a store on 22nd Street as did J. V. KAPP, then Blessing Meat Market. Next was VIRGIL RICE's blacksmith shop. BILL SELBY's restaurant and E. N. SELBY's service station.

Across the street was RAYMOND FOGLESONG (son of WILL) garage.

WILL FOWLER had a store on 21st and Jefferson

The old Mission, a two story frame located on 23rd and Lincoln Avenue was run by OSIE ENGLAND, (1877-1951). A modern brick two story run by West Virginia Training School replaced the building and owns the major part of the block. LINCOLN MCCARTY owned a store on the opposite side.

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