The town of Henderson , Alt. 562', is located at the junction of State Routes 2 and 35. The town is named for SAMUEL BRUCE HENDERSON, who at one time owned all the land upon which the town is located.

Two Mile Creek marks the western boundary of a 10,990 acre tract once owned by GEORGE WASHINGTON and settled by his 'Lost Colony'. The land was patented in 1772 and was the first of several designated by Washington for improvement in 1774. He sent JAMES CLEVELAND and WILLIAM STEVENS to clear and plot the area. By December 1775, 14 buildings had been erected and potatoes, corn, turnips and peach stones had been planted. The Revolutionary War ended this attempt to colonize the tract and by the end of the Revolution any traces of civilization had been taken over by the wilderness.

In 1791, a Mr. TEAS attempted a settlement where the town now stands, his object being to establish a tannery, but owing to the frequent incursions of the Indians, he was forced to abandon the location and seek refuge at Point Pleasant.

The town was laid out in 1879, by Major FRANK SISSON and in 1893 SAMUEL BRUCE HENDERSON, THOMAS OLIVER and JONAH STANLEY presented a petition to incorporate to the Mason County Circuit Court. Along with the petition was a certificate under oath of the results of an election stating that a majority of all the qualified voters residing within the territory cast their votes in favor of the incorporation of the town.

On Thursday, May 11, 1893, the Circuit Court ordered that 'The town of Henderson' in Clendenin District, Mason County, West Virginia, be granted a certificate of incorporation. It was further ordered that CHARLES MORRIS, JOHN A, FAUDRE and W. W. LEE be appointed as Commissioners of Election at the first election to be held in the town.

Henderson is a Class IV town with elections held biennially on the first Tuesday in May. The officials (Mayor, Recorder and five Council Members) take office July 1st.


Old Homes of Henderson

The Moore Mansion

Post Offices of Mason County

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