photo ca. 1950 credit: Cabell-Wayne Historical Society Paper, James E. Morrow Library, Marshall University, Huntington, WV.

This home which was gutted by fire in 1968 was once the home of Charles Page Thomas Moore, his wife Urilla K Kline and their four daughters; Ida Ogden, Rebecca Frances, Lauretta Mai and Elizabeth Van Meter.

Charles P. T. Moore was adopted by his uncle George Moore and moved to Mason County when his parents died in 1844. He was thirteen years old when he moved here with his uncle from Greenbrier County where he was born in 1831.

This home stands just off Route 2 about nine miles south of Henderson. at the same location of the May Moore Mound that is thought to be an Adena site dating from about 1 A. D.


Town of Henderson

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