Back Page of The Document I have it says " Copied from Aunt Jennie's papers where she has written down from her own hand writing." Aunt Jennie was Virginia Lanier. She married Charles Edward Nibert and then Spencer Withers. This is information she wrote down.
- transcribed by Renee Paulson (12/04)

Birth Dates:
John A. Lanier March 6, 1841
Mary J. Lanier March 29, 1841
Virginia L. Lanier December 3, 1862
John R. Lanier September 28, 1864
Mary S. Lanier December 17, 1866
Francis M. Lanier October 28, 1868
Martha J. Lanier September 18, 1870
Louella F. Lanier December 26, 1872
Sarah A. Lanier October 24, 1874
Louisa E. Lanier September 25, 1876
Cora E. Lanier December 15, 1878
Lewis R. Lanier May 29, 1882

John A. Lanier and Mary Jane Bush were united in marriage February 20, 1861 at Wyandot, West Virginia. Reverend Jordan Officiated.

   John A. Lanier and Mary Jane Bush

Lewis R. Lanier and Virgia F. Lewis were united in marriage December 2, 1905 at Gallipolis, Ohio. Virgia Florence Lewis was born November 27, 1883. Lewis R. Lanier died September 16, 1965. Virgia died May 24, 1944.

Charles E. Woods and Sarah Lanier were united in marriage August 15, 1894 at Flat Foot, West Virginia by Reverend Wardin. Charles E. Woods was born October 22, 1872 and died November 12, 1899.

S.E. Long and Sarah (Lanier) Woods were united in marriage July 4, 1902 at Gallipolis, Ohio. (S.E. Long was Sanford Long son of William Long and Permelia Duncan). Sanford died in 1912.

Alonzo Burris and Sarah (Lanier, Woods) Long were united in marriage August 23, 1913 at Gallipolis, Ohio. Alonzo was born May 3, 1857.

Martha J. Lanier married Andrew Price. Andrew Price was born June 9, 1868 and died March 24, 1925.

Charles Edward Nibert and Virginia Lanier were married December 3, 1879. Charles Edward Nibert was born October 1, 1853 Mason Co, West Virginia. Virginia Catherine Lanier born December 3, 1862 Mason County West Virginia. Lena Mae Nibert was born January 29, 1882 Mason County ,West Virginia. Lou Ritha Nibert ws born January 19, 1884 Mason County West Virginia. Cora Ettie Nibert was born January 21, 1886 Mason County ,West Virginia. Ida Grace Nibert was born July 13, 1888 Mason County West Virginia. Mary Verna Nibert was born February 14, 1891 Mason County West Virginia. William Carl Nibert was born October 7, 1895 Mason County West Virginia.

Spence G. Withers and Virginia Catherine (Lanier) Nibert were married July 24, 1916 in Mason County West Virginia. Spence G. Withers was born December 8, 1863.


 Jennie (Lanier) Withers standing and her husband, Spence
Withers, and her father, John Lanier, are seated

Sherman Moodespaugh and Lena Mae Nibert were married October 28, 1897 Gallipolis, Ohio
Charles Edward Burris and Lou Ritha Nibert were married December 2, 1900 Gallipolis Ohio
Edward Lee Burris and Cora Etta Nibert were married May 11, 1901 at Gallipolis Ohio
Hershal W. Henry and Mary Vernie Nibert were married December 21, 1907 Gallipolis Ohio
John Franklin Honaker of Kentucky and Ida Grace Nibert were married September 28, 1905 in Mason Co WV
William Carl Nibert and Della Lanier were married December 21, 1913 in Mason Co WV

John R. Lanier September 22, 1895 Lou Ritha Burris February 11, 1938
John A. Lanier June 17, 1929 Andy Andrew Price March 24, 1925
Mary J Lanier March 13, 1918 Florence Lanier January 1929
Charles Edward Nibert June 26, 1914 Vernon B. Richardson August 14, 1928
Lena Moodespaugh May 6, 1919 Burly F. Lanier April 6, 1932

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